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Today Just: $197

Dana Thao - Bootcamp Student

I'm so glad I joined the BA Bootcamp. It helped me to understand the concepts and apply them to my copywriting right away. The homework and Zoom calls were really informative and fun. It made the first three chapters of the book easy to digest and learn. Chris and Brian put a lot of care into the Bootcamp by overdelivering on each call and for showing us who Eugene Schwartz was as a person.

Dear Breakthrough Advertising Owner,

Not long ago, you invested in your business by purchasing Breakthrough Advertising; a book written by my friend and mentor Gene Schwartz in 1966.

It is easily one of the smartest investments you could have made.

That investment puts you in an special group of copywriters and business owners.

Breakthrough Advertising should be worth 6 or 7 figures for your business...

...IF you do what it says.

Your specific ROI depends on how well you embed the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising into your business.

Now I am fully aware that Breakthrough Advertising is not a quick read.

It requires time and consideration.

If you’re a speed reader and you found yourself breezing through the book with ease, my guess is you missed a lot.

Trust me, I’ve just seen so many people purchase Breakthrough Advertising who are excited about what it can do for their business.

But they don’t take the time to figure out what they need to change in their marketing and how to make that change permanent.

This is where I’d like to help you.

I am starting a 4 day training just for people who purchased Breakthrough Advertising from me.

It’s called The Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Bootcamp and all the information can be found below.

Breakthrough Advertising is not a book you read in one sitting.

It’s a dense read that rewards readers who take their time.

My advice to any reader is to focus on the first 68 pages of the book.


Because these are the pages that will teach you how to think like Gene Schwartz… to see your market the way Gene would see it.

Your market, and more specifically your list, is the most important asset in your business.

So the Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Group will focus on how you can embed Gene’s thinking into every piece of marketing you create.

It’s just $197 to join us or $40 per call. 

Take a look at the info below and if this sounds like something that would help you, I’d love to have you.

Brian Kurtz

Koen De Wit - Bootcamp Student

Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamp is an absolute NO BRAINER. It brings the book to life and, with the assignments you get and the wisdom of Brian and Chris, you will get so much more extra value out of the book. Getting in the Bootcamp is not something you think about, you just get in and show up. 

What Is the Breakthrough Advertising
Quickstart Bootcamp?

Get to know Gene and Breakthrough Advertising in a completely new way...

The Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Group is a 4 day group where we show you how to embed the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising into your business.

The group will be led by me and my marketing partner Chris Mason.

Chris has been with me since 2013 and he’s a true student of direct response….like me; and probably like you too!

After each call you will have a short assignment - usually no more than 30 minutes.

Here’s what you’re going to learn and work on:

  • How to discover your market’s secret desires anytime you want. These are the desires they don’t want anyone to know about
  • How to find your market’s STRONGEST desire
  • How to present your offer as THE solution for your market’s strongest desire
  • How to introduce your solution to prospects who are in your market but don’t know about your product.
  • How to hire copywriters who won’t bleed your business dry
  • How to be a copywriter that delivers win after win
  • How to sell to a market that knows about your competitors but not you
  • How to sell to a market that doesn’t trust you (YET)

Judi Pearson - Bootcamp Student

Great review on the core of an amazing, and amazingly complex, book. It took the work a marketer does and put it in the framework of current sociology and culture. Then guided you through audience identification.If you want to finally understand your target audience, and know how to best reach them, Breakthrough Advertising and this Bootcamp will help you achieve that.

I was shocked at how much value I got for that small investment.

Ken U // Bootcamp Student

I loved the way you brought Gene's work to life, providing excellent support in fleshing out Gene's book. It made it easier to grasp. It was a real game-changer. It also gave me a level of understanding that catapulted me into delving deeper into the material. I'm growing exponentially from the experience. 

Monica Coleman // Bootcamp Student

I absolutely loved the BA bootcamp even though I was unable to attend the meetings live and could only watch the recordings! I was almost done reading the BA book when I joined. So, seeing the first 3 chapters come to life was spectacular and very insightful!The assignments Brian and Chris provide throughout the bootcamp make the process of figuring out your target audience's desires and where they're at mentally throughout each stage about your product/service and your competition simple and insightful. Not only that, Brian's expertise and the expertise of others that he hangs around with is phenomenal and rich! Both the book and the bootcamp are a step-by-step guide and act in tandem. The book is dense, but the bootcamp simplifies the first 3 chapters (which are the most important to understand than all the other chapters).I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone wanting to get better in copywriting and marketing in general. Worth every penny. Breakthrough Advertising all the way!

Jared Pineda // Bootcamp Student

Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Bootcamp Call Schedule

We will host SIX LIVE calls...and maybe one surprise call with a few of my friends.

All calls will be at 11am EST and will be recorded.

At the end of each call you will receive a short assignment to complete.

We have created handouts and worksheets to help you with each assignment.

The calls are designed to build on the previous call so it’s important that you complete the assignments.

There will be five assignments total, each one taking about 30 minutes to complete. Some will take less time.

If you don’t think you will have time over the next two weeks to do the assignments, then it’s probably not the right time for you to join.

Here’s what we’ll cover on each call:

  • Call 1 March 19 at 11am EST - How to Find Your Market’s Strongest Desire and Get Crystal Clear on the Most Irresistible Benefit of Your Product (worksheets included)
  • Call 2 March 21 at 10am EST - How to Sell to Prospects Who Don’t Know, Like or Trust You. PLUS What Kind of Copy Will Work Best for Your Offer? (worksheets included)
  • Call 3 March 25 at 11am EST - How to Identify the Sophistication Level of Your Market and Make Smart Copy Tweaks that Make Your Message Standout in a Sea of Sameness. 
  • Call 4 March 27 at 11am EST - Office Hours Call to Help You Write Your Ad - with Special Guests (Call Will Be Two Hours)
  • Call 5 March 28 at 1:30pm EST - What To Do If You Get Stuck - How Gene Schwartz Avoided Writer’s Block While Only Working Three Hours a Day.
  • Call 6 April 2 at 11am EST - I Wrote the Book on How to Overdeliver and We Always Overdeliver for Every Attendee. Always. So You Can Count On A Few Surprises Both In The Number Of Calls And Special Guests We Bring In For You During Our Time Together. 
  • BONUS Call 7 March 21 at 11am EST - Titans Xcelerator is My $2,000/year Mastermind Program for Direct Marketers and All Bootcamp Attendees are Invited to Attend Our Call on March 21 with Special Guest Perry Marshall.
  • BONUS Call 8 March 28 at 11am EST - Bootcamp Attendees Are Also Invited to Attend the Titans Xcelerator Call on March 28 Where We'll Look at How Today's Top Marketers Are Finding Inspiration, Motivation and Increased Engagement in Their Email Marketing.

Today Just: $197

Jashon Bass - Bootcamp Student

Chris and Brian showed me how to uncover DEEP qualities about my market that I had no clue about before. 

Before I went through the Bootcamp my understanding of Breakthrough Advertising and its fundamental ideas was very weak. I hadn't even read the entire book! Not only do I now have a greater understanding of this foundational knowledge hidden to many but they gave me simple tools that I can use to apply it so that I can go deep into my niche. Anyone who goes through this will take away effective ways to peel back all the curtains to ANY market! 

Chris and Brain were super friendly, helpful, and offered a ton of value in addition too. They totally overdelivered as promised. Many times class went over the allotted time because of all the EXTRA gems they were sharing. The great thing is...I can go through it all again because they give us the recordings. Absolutely no regrets here! Thanks a billion.

Wayne Therriault - Bootcamp Student

As an attendee in the inaugural launch of Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Bootcamp, I was very much impressed with the content and resources presented to the members by both Brian Kurtz and Chris Mason who IMHO are masters of Eugene Schwartz's Breakthrough Advertising methodology. Anyone who is fortunate enough to already be in possession of this classic marketing book would be remiss to pass on an opportunity to participate in any future version of the aforementioned Bootcamp.

Sandy Barris - Bootcamp Student

Chris and Brian delivered an insightful two-week deep-dive of content, helping understand the mindset of Eugene Schwartz's Breakthrough Advertising and the man himself. Now I better understand many of Gene's concepts and how to use them to help my clients market their products and services more profitably. 

If you just got the book or if you are confused after reading Breakthrough Advertising and want to get a better grasp of his ideas, you'd be crazy not to sign up for the next Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamp. It's worth way more than the price of admission. 

RüdigeR Hausmann // Bootcamp Student

The bootcamp really pinpoints (some of) the basic ideas of BA. The discussions in the second part of the presentations were the real gem and included real learning of sophisticated stuff.
The insight given to each attendend just leaves you speechless. One would be crazy not to attend…

Shawn cartwright  // Bootcamp Student

You'll get an inside look at how legendary copywriter Gene Schwartz crafted his money making ads in the Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamp. Brian Kurtz, a personal friend and collaborator of Gene's, and Chris Mason, a master marketing instructor, show you exactly how to match your product to your markets desire. What i appreciated most is the direct feedback and Q&A from these top marketers.

Drew Stallcop // Bootcamp Student

As a student of copywriting, I can't recommend the Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamp enough. If you've read Breakthrough Advertising, you know the depth of Eugene Schwartz's brilliance. But have you implemented what you learned from the book? The Bootcamp assignments give you practical experience implementing the ideas. (Don't get intimidated, the assignments are short and sweet.) If you haven't read Breakthrough Advertising... The Bootcamp takes you on a journey. Discover why A-list copywriters say studying the first section of the book is crucial to their success. Eugene Schwartz's book is THAT important. The Bootcamp is the perfect gateway to the mind of a master. 

BRYAN CLARK // Bootcamp Student

If you purchased the Breakthrough Advertising book and you can't quite make it past Chapter 5, Chris Mason and Brian Kurtz are here to help you develop a deep understanding of Gene's best marketing concepts, and finally put them into action for your business. Chris shared excellent examples of famous ads, and broke down how to identify and channel your market's desires, so you can create targeted ads and sales copywriting that your audience will respond to. Highly recommend taking BA Bootcamp! Beyond the course lessons, Chris and Brian truly Overdeliver!

SIMON STRIKER  // Bootcamp Student

Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamp is one of the best investments I made in my life. It came at the right time when I just started to study the Breakthrough Advertising book.On every call, Chris and Brian explained the content from the book, so we really understood the topic. After each call there is an assignment, so you can immediately implement the topic on your business. And if you have some doubts about the topic, you can always ask Chris and Brian either in the private FB group or on the next call. Besides, you get the possibility to be on a hot seat (which I would rather call an "amazing seat"), where every Bootcamp attendee gets the possibility to explain his problem and gets tons of valuable and immediately actionable advice from Chris, Brian and other marketing experts. You only need to apply and show up.And last but not least, on every call, Chris and Brian provide tons of additional knowledge, insights and valuable experiences on the topic.I can't recommend enough investing in BA Bootcamp. If you know Eugene's BA book, investing in BA Bootcamp is the next logical thing you need to invest in. 

SHANNON McCaffery  // Bootcamp Student

Wow, I'm a lifelong student and studied a lot about copywriting from folks like Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and more. After I got Breakthrough Advertising, I dug in eagerly to soak up all the knowledge. Yet, after chapter 3 I was a bit torn as to how I could actually take what I learned and implement in my marketing as well as my clients. Then when I saw that Brian & Chris were doing a BootCamp around all the principles in the book, it was a no brainer to register. Holy moly, did I get a education on copy from them, as well as all of the quality people in the group! Run, don't walk to take this bootcamp - I promise it will be one of the best things you can do to help boost your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a team member instead?

Yes. This was developed for people who want to study the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising and implement them in their business.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes. You will have all the calls and handouts to refer to once the 4 days is over

What time do the calls take place and how long do they last?

Calls will be at 11am EST. Plan on one hour for all calls except the two hour office hours call.

What happens if I miss a call?

This is a working group with small assignments. If you miss a call it will be available inside our Facebook Group along with that day's assignment.

What happens when the training ends?

You have access to the calls and handouts for life. At the end of 4 days we will delete the Facebook group and send you access to the call recordings and handouts. 

I'm getting Breakthrough Advertising Mastery. Should I still go through the bootcamp?

Our companion study guide Breakthrough Advertising Mastery was born out of this bootcamp. The bootcamp is where we developed and honed the exercises for Part 1 of the book. The opportunity to hop on live Zoom calls with me and Chris and get our help applying the concepts of Breakthrough Advertising to your specific situation will be a fantastic experience to have as you go through Breakthrough Advertising Mastery. 

Short answer? Yes! Go through this bootcamp.

Do you have a guarantee?

We guarantee we've put an insane amount of thought and intention into creating this experience to help you. At this low of a price, for two weeks of live calls delivering everything in person (virtually), your investment in this group is non-refundable. 

I still have a question...

If you still have a question please contact carla [at] titansmarketing [dot] com so we can follow up with you. 

Today Just: $197

Aaron Kubler - Bootcamp Student

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