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What INDUSTRY LEADERS Have To Say About Brian

Dan Kennedy

Author of 23 books including the popular NO BS series

"Ogilvy was right when he ranted to his own agency's staff that only the mail-order people knew what the hell they were doing, and were Ogilvy alive, he would applaud Brian's work."

John Carlton

A-List Copywriter

"There’s a very small group of true direct response wizards out there and Brian is one of the guys who can change your career and business in a heartbeat with just a casually tossed off piece of advice."

Kim Krause-Schwalm

A-List Copywriter

"I can’t think of a single direct response marketing mind that’s more respected in our industry than Brian Kurtz. Brian is one of the smartest and most generous and giving people I’ve met in my 30+ year direct response marketing career."

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