Titans Mastermind Membership

Enrollment for Titans Mastermind is limited and by invitation only.

All potential new members must submit a request to be interviewed by Brian. Please enter your name and address at the bottom of this page.

Your investment of $20,000 includes the following:

  • Three (3) 2 ½ day live events each year with:

    • Focused hot seats (using a unique methodology for maximum impact)
    • Deep dive presentations and discussions led by a Titans Mastermind member: TED-like presentations plus interactive conversations from members for members, highlighting everyone’s respective super powers regularly.
    • Guest speakers at the 3 live events…experts in marketing, copywriting and business building
    • Special “Boardroom style dinner(s)”
    • Discussions on topics that are of the most interest to members with support materials and invited guests to participate when appropriate.
    • A “safe room” so people can share confidential and/or more delicate information…” cone of silence” agreement to be signed by all members for maximum intimacy…and the ability for everyone to help everyone else with their most sensitive issues
  • Zoom calls throughout the year…structured with guest speakers and/or pre-approved mini-hot seats and/or breakthroughs/shares based on experiences of members (good and bad) for maximum learning and sharing.

  • A “Golden Ticket” to all other live events created by Titans Marketing, including access to all content created at other masterminds hosted by Titans Marketing.

  • Specifically, included in your Titans Mastermind membership, an all-access membership to the Titans Xcelerator mastermind (which boasts over 200 of the most talented direct response marketers and copywriters in the world). Also, Titans Mastermind members will have the privilege of presenting to the Titans Xcelerator members on request.

  • Unlimited “office hours” with Brian throughout the year: Direct access to Brian and his network of resources through one-on-one consults based on schedule availability throughout the one-year membership.

  • A 20% to 50% discount on Brian’s consulting fees if longer one-on-one coaching/advising is requested.

  • Complimentary Titans Marketing products and books on request.

  • A private Google and Slack group so communication is not limited to the live events or the monthly calls...confidential and private for Titans Mastermind members only. Titans Xcelerator calls take place at a minimum of twice a month (and up to four times a month) and are also ideal for connection (although those are not confidential and private).

  • Regular distribution of content: Content will include assets Brian owns, can get access to, or material that is created by members and outsiders that is most relevant. Included are all of videos from previous Titans Mastermind 3-day events and every Titans Xcelerator call. All of this will be housed on a private portal which is available to members 24/7.

  • Closed/private information: Members who request specific content and information that needs to remain exclusive for the use of Titans Mastermind members only, will be labeled as such. If confidentiality is asked for or needed, all members of the group must agree and comply.

  • Partner Rate: Members can add their business partner(s) to the group for an additional $5,000 each.  Partners, as well as prospective members, will need to be approved in advance.

If you would like more information on Titans Mastermind please email me at brian@briankurtz.net.

If you would like to apply, please start by filling out this short form. 

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