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Former executive of the most influential direct response company peels the curtain on his private network

Dear future Titan,

You were smart enough to put your name on the Titans Xcelerator waiting list. I want to reward you for that today in a big way.

In my book... deserve to be rewarded with an offer that won't be available to anyone else.

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But first...

40 Years of Direct Marketing Lessons in One Sentence

I am one of only a handful of people who has had the privilege of working directly with the best copywriters and direct marketers of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s...and beyond.

Legends like Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy and literally dozens of other marketing giants just to name a few.

That experience is priceless… and impossible to duplicate… because sadly many of these original Titans are no longer with us to share what they know.

But I’ve got file cabinets (some of it is digital too!) full of notes, ideas, and successful projects we worked on together—all stuff I’m eager to share with you.

More recently, I’ve mentored a new generation of marketing legends including Ryan Levesque, Craig Clemens, and Kevin Rogers. 

I’m honored to play even a small role in their success.

And after 40 years here's what I've learned about long term success and happiness as a direct response marketer.

You must have the mindset of a student

I still consider myself a student of direct marketing.

You have to.

You and I BOTH forget this at our own peril.

But here’s the other secret…and perhaps the most rewarding...

As you learn and move forward, you also get to look back and help others in their journey.

As the great Jay Abraham says: "If you did it you have an obligation to teach it."

Ryan Deiss

Digital Marketer

Brian Kurtz knows real marketing better than anyone.

Ryan Levesque

The ASK Method

Brian Kurtz is a living legend.

Frank Kern

Marketing Expert

Brian has forgotten more about marketing and sales than most newcomers will ever discover.

None of the best marketers today are self-made…

We ALL stand on the shoulders of giants!

Everyone I know in this business—from Titans like Dan Kennedy and Gary Bencivenga to the marketers, copywriters and business owners who are stepping forward to lead today—has learned from others.

They all discovered tremendous amounts of “do this, not that” wisdom by sitting at the feet of their own teachers and soaking up every bit of marketing know-how they could.

Then, they took that know-how and applied it to their own unique businesses and for their clients to "overdeliver" amazing results.

It was only because they were building on the expertise of those who came before that they were able to ascend to even greater heights…

Now it’s YOUR turn to step up and

stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of today…

After I left Boardroom, I had a choice.

Retire early and try to find interesting ways to fill my time or find a way to pass on what I learned from my mentors.

In case you’re wondering, I chose not to retire.

In 2014, I invited 15 of the most accomplished marketers in my network to share what they know at The Titans of Direct Response…

It was amazing. Dan Kennedy called it the “event of the decade.”

And shortly after that, I launched my private Titans Mastermind… which costs $25,000 a year to attend.

We are currently maxed out at 30 companies.

And I published my book, Overdeliver, which outlines the principles I’ve used to create successful marketing campaigns over the past 4 decades.

But honestly, I felt like I could do more.

After all, I have stood on the shoulders of giants and want to help others do it too.

Specifically, I wanted to help even more business owners, copywriters, and direct marketers create their own successful products, build growing businesses, and connect with a network of fellow entrepreneurs to cheer each other on.

Shortcuts to Success Don't Exist. 

But This is Pretty Darn Close.

Titans Xcelerator is the group I created for the next generation of direct response marketers.

We have over 200 members in the group now and I'd love to introduce you to them...

Introducing Titans Xcelerator

The Mastermind and Coaching Program

for the Next Generation of Direct

Response Marketers

What is Titans Xcelerator?

  • It is a monthly group with  COACHING and HOT SEATS  with Brian Kurtz live
  • It is a physical package mailed to your door each month with exclusive training from past Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Class LIVE events, hand selected SWIPE FILES, interviews with marketing experts and more
  • It includes access to Brian's inner network of top copywriters and business builders who will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the next year...and beyond
  • It is a community who will celebrate your wins, pick you up and coach you when you don't quite meet your expectations and challenge you when you need it. 

If you’d like my help, and the help of the people that I trust to build your business, please keep reading.


Titans Xcerlerator isn’t like any other mastermind, course, or program you’ve heard of. In fact, if you’re looking for an “ordinary” mastermind that charges tens of thousands of dollars or more a year for a few calls and an in-person meet-up that’s more vacation than business… you can stop reading right now.

Because Titans Xcelerator isn’t anything like a “typical” mastermind group.

Sure, it includes lots of resources, calls, mentorship, and ideas to try.

But the thing that makes Titans Xcelerator different is the caliber of people in the group…

Titans Xcelerator offers you:

  • Two monthly group calls…one LIVE with Brian and another one live (or recently
    recorded) with a Titans Mastermind or Master Class member or special guest teaching in their zone of genius

  • A monthly (physical product!) package which will include presentations from the Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Class events
  • A “swipe of the month” - remember that "stealing is a felony but stealing smart is an art." What you can learn from successful sales letters and promotions from the past is priceless education.
  • A private Facebook group for sharing ideas and resources

Let's take a closer look.

Here’s EVERYTHING that is included with a Titans Xcelerator membership— a more affordable alternative to Brian’s Mastermind groups but with similar training and education.

#1 Ask Me Anything Call (exclusively with Brian): You will have the availability to do an “Ask Me Anything” or “Hot Seat” with Brian (not two months in a row but up to 6 times a year)—up to 15 minutes of concentrated time just about you and your business…with Brian’s expert coaching and coaching from other TXL members too.

We will supply a form for you to fill out in advance for these “Hot Seats” to make sure you get the most out of them…and Brian is committed to at least 2 hours for this monthly call…longer if needed.

#2 Private Titans Spotlight Call: A second 1 hour call will be hosted by Brian’s marketing partner Chris Mason.

This call will feature a guest expert from Brian’s network, often a Titans
Mastermind or Master Class member. The call will focus on a particular topic of interest in the areas of direct response marketing, copywriting or entrepreneurship.

Attend these calls live and ask questions…or receive them in the monthly
physical package (via snail mail!) detailed below.

Monthly (Snail) Mail Package Delivered

To Your Door...

Each month, as a member of Titans Xcelerator, you're going to receive a physical package that includes the following: 

#3 A Monthly Training from the Titans Vault: Each month you’ll receive a USB with a selected training session from a previous Titans Mastermind or Titans Master Class event. 

Members pay up to $25,000 to be in those groups.

Simply put, these trainings will get you behind the scenes of a world class mastermind.

We will also poll Titans Xcelerator members to see what topics they are most interested in…and based on the input we receive, we will change the training based on the needs of members. 

We will even "spotlight" members of the group if they want to share what they, as a member, can also be a speaker.

Over the past 5+ years over 100 speakers have appeared at the live Titans Mastermind events...and you will receive the best of the best.

The amount you will learn in one year from these presentations (in addition to the two monthly calls and the private Facebook group) will be an accelerated
(xcelerated?) course to get your business and career moving much faster.


Speakers have included the private, exclusive training from experts such as Dan Kennedy, Ramit Sethi, Perry Marshall, Ben Settle, Nicholas Kusmich, Dean Jackson, Jay Abraham, Jeff Walker, Parris Lampropoulos, Clayton Makepeace, Mark Ford, Joe Polish…and many more.

You could easily pay thousands for this content alone and it would be worth every penny.

But Titans Xcelerator will give you this exclusive access for much lessand your price will be honored forever (you will never have a price increase) as long as you remain a member.

And again your price for TXL will be locked in forever as long as you stay in the group.

#4 Hand Selected Swipe File: Brian will select a swipe file from his personal collection of “greatest hits” from copywriters such as Gary Bencivenga, Jim Rutz, Bill Jayme, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, Clayton Makepeace…and many others.

And he will explain why he chose that particular swipe for you to study and what you can learn from it.

If you ever get stuck on an offer or promotion, a subject line or a headline, you'll be able to refer immediately to some of the best offers ever created and not available anywhere else. 

And…he will offer you complete swipe files for purchase if you like—from
Jim Rutz, Bill Jayme, Boardroom’s best copywriters--at significant discounts
for students of copy in Titans Xcelerator.

#5 Recording of the monthly Spotlight Call with Chris Mason and his guest: Chris’ interviews will be stellar and all new content…and we will include those on the monthly USB along with a transcript. Members will be able to access this on the private portal as well.

#6 Private Xcelerator Facebook Group: Your relationships are everything in business—Brian believes that there’s “compound interest in your relationship

That's why you'll have private access to members and special guests inside the Titans Xcelerator Facebook group. 

Ask questions, get feedback, find your next JV partner, copywriter or client -- all inside the Titans Xcelerator group. There will even be a few surprise members inside who will be around to help you.

The Easiest Decision You'll Make in 2020.

Join Today and Get These 8 Bonuses Completely FREE!

I want Titans Xcelerator to be the easiest decision you make in 2020.

So I've put together 8 different bonuses just for you. 

Note that THREE of the bonuses are only for the Titans Xcelerator waiting list (<=== that's YOU!)

I want to bring you up to speed with what the rest of the group has experienced for the past 12 months.

So I've put together a few "catch up" bonuses so you can hit the ground running.

Catch Up Bonuses Available for a Limited Time

  • Catch Up Bonus #1: Greatest Hits from the first year from the Titans Vault. Eight of our most popular trainings from the past year with never before seen private presentations from Jeff Walker, Ramit Sethi, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Craig Clemens, Robert Skrob and more.

  • Catch Up Bonus #2: The TXL 2020 Swipe File. Every monthly swipe file from my personal collection that we’ve shared in 2020. Ten in all.

  • Catch Up Bonus #3: Gary Bencivenga’s presentation from the Titans of Direct Response Event from 2014, his farewell speech before he headed into retirement...and it’s one for the ages. This has never been released “by itself” before…only as part of the Titans Video package which sold for $2,000.

  • Catch Up Bonus #4: Gary Bencivenga’s private interview series with marketing legend Ken McCarthy. “The Bencivenga Interviews” are owned by only the most savvy copywriters and marketers…and you will be one of them.

  • Catch Up Bonus #5: How To Turn Mundane Copy Into Audacious Copy. This is a special gift from Kelly Brown, Copy Chief at Agora’s Stansberry Research. It’s an internal document used by the copywriting teams at Stansberry...and you will receive it free to see--from the inside--how one of the most dynamic copy teams in the world puts together their promotions. 


  • WAITING LIST BONUS #1: FOR THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE ONLY!  One “9-1-1 call” with me anytime during your first year.  I typically don’t do one-on-one consulting calls unless you are in my $25,000 program. When I do,  I charge $2,000 for a one hour call. 

But if you join Titans Xcelerator today, you can book one 20 minute call with me anytime during the next 12 months (scheduled in advance)—and we’ll focus on whatever you need help with…or an opportunity you are contemplating.

  • WAITING LIST BONUS #2: Extra month for FREE! Join TXL today and your membership will be active for 13 months instead of the normal 12 months.

  • WAITING LIST BONUS #3: $300 off the Regular Price. 

In a few weeks I’m opening Xcelerator to everyone with a smaller discount (and without all the “waiting list bonuses”).

Limited Time Offer for New Members

Join today for just


Your price is protected forever--for as long as you remain a member

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"Yeah - But Can Titans Xcelerator Help ME?"

Let’s find out…

There are three types of people we’ve helped so far in Titans Xcelerator

See below...

Type 1 Marketer: You're Already Established.

You Have an Audience and Want to Scale.

If you already have an audience you already have your most important asset ever.

Your list (which remember are people too...they are you "online family").

If you want to learn how to get more from your existing customers and build a stronger relationship with them, Titans Xcelerator is the perfect place for you.

In the very first package we send you, you’ll listen in on a private session with Dan Kennedy that is all about getting more from your existing list and smart ways to find others who are just like them. 

In fact, your next big opportunity could come from someone who’s already in TXL!

Just take a look at what happened for Chris and Tom in the group.

Type 2 Marketer: You're Not Brand New But
You Need Help Growing.

Maybe you’ve been at this for a while and you're a little stuck.

You know who your audience is, but your offer isn’t converting the way you want. Or your list isn't growing. 

Maybe it's something else. Either want to grow faster than you are. 

No judgement, that’s a very common place to be...and it’s easily addressed.

Sometimes it just takes punching up your copy.

That’s why, when you join, you will immediately gain access to a private interview with Kelly Brown, the Copy Chief at Agora’s Stansberry Research.

In this interview you will learn about the filter Stansberry uses to run every piece of copy through to make it as powerful as possible.

Not only that but you also get the same checklist they use. It’s posted inside our private Facebook Group.

Plus, inside Xcelerator you’ll find A-List copywriters and marketers who charge tens of thousands of dollars to write a package…

And they are ready to give you real time feedback on your offer just for being in the group.

Type 3 Marketer: You're Just Getting Started.

If you’re just getting started, Titans Xcelerator can help you build the kind of business you want and avoid the painful mistakes we’ve all made along the way.

The collective wisdom from the group will help you move forward with speed and confidence.

For example, here is a note from one member who still has a day job, a family and limited time to build a business on the side.

Is There a Catch?

You may be wondering “what’s the catch?”


There actually is one…


You have to show up.


If you want to get the most from Titans Xcelerator you have to show up to calls (or listen to the recordings). 


You have to ask for help.


You have to help others because that’s when you can learn the most.


This isn’t “Done for You.”


But if you’re looking for the right environment where, for the next 12 months, you can surround yourself with the best of best, you’ve found it.

Again, Titans Xcelerator is not “done for you”-- but you do get

  • Direct access to me
  • Exclusive trainings from previous high ticket mastermind meetings (plus new training from experts)
  • Hand selected marketing material you can use in your business
  • A private Facebook group for real time help and feedback all year…
  • And the entire Titans team of experts for full 12 months.

Limited Time Offer for New Members

Join today for just


Your price is protected forever--for as long as you remain a member

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What Others Are Saying About

Working with Brian

If you want to build the business and the life of your dreams, you simply need to a part of the Titans family.

You won't find a more giving and genuine group.

Titans Xcelerator is the easiest and best way for you to tap into my 40 years of

Here's what others in the Titans family have to say about working with me...

"Can't believe how much you overdeliver."

Candice Lazar - Lazar Marketing

Miami, FL

"It's like Xcelerator members compete to see who can give the most."

Eric Butts - CPA

Atlanta, GA

"Brian is the ultimate connector."

Erin Baler - 4Patriots

Nashville, TN

"One of the best investments"

Kira Hug - The Copywriter Club

Washington, D.C.

"Brings in the top experts."

Robert Skrob - Retention Expert

Tallahassee, FL

"More clients and more time."

Colin Campbell - Formula Publisher

Montreal, Quebec

"Increased my clients."

Lori Haller - Direct Response Design Expert

Richmond, VA

"It's phenomenal."

David Long - MyEmployees

Wilmington, NC

"He was so deliberate."

Marcella Allison - Agora Copy Trainer

Cincinnati, OH

"Best decision I have ever made."

Shannon McCaffery - Launch Expert

Redding, CA

"Over delivers all the time."

Richard Rossi - The National Academy

Washington, D.C.

"One of the best marketers."

Jason Friedman - CX Formula

Ramsey, NJ

"So thoughtful around the content."

Tim Berthold - Solara Labs

Miami, FL

"Give you value every single time."

Lee Richter - Richter Communications

San Francisco, CA

"Everything was just extraordinary."

Doland White - Rapid Crush

Los Angeles, CA

"Xcelerator added an extra six figures in six months."

Tom Matzen - Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute

Vancouver, BC

Sneak Peek! Here's What's In

Your Welcome Package

When you sign up we will send you a New Member Welcome Package (in the mail) which will include some special gifts:

  • You’ll get immediate access to a scheduler where you can schedule your spot on an upcoming group coaching call (including a form for you to fill out with your question or Hot Seat). The sooner you join, the faster you can schedule some time.

  • You’ll get immediate access to the TXL private Facebook group (so you can meet your fellow Titans and see what you guys can do on your own before the first call…you may not even need me to make something happen)! ☺

  • You’ll get your first surprise Titans Spotlight interview with the copy chief at Agora’s Stansberry Research, Kelly Brown.

  • And…you’ll get a special presentation from the “Titans Vault” (Hint: It features the most prolific marketer who has ever lived, with exclusive content given only to the Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Class members that attended the event in Cleveland…care to guess who it is?)


We want you "all in" and committed to letting us help you grow your business for the next year. We're making real investments in Xcelerator members through the physical materials we provide, as well as our time. 


But when you join, if you don’t think Xcelerator is for you, you have a full 14 days to request a refund no questions asked.

Limited Time Offer for New Members

Join today and until November 15 for just


Your price is protected forever--for as long as you remain a member

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Meet the Titans Team Who Will Be Supporting You in Xcelerator

Brian Kurtz started Titans Marketing in 2014 after the Titans of Direct Response event; the "event of the decade" according to Dan Kennedy. Before Titans he ran one of most successful Publishing and Direct Marketing companies on the planet.

His mission is to serve the next generation of direct marketers by teaching what he's learned over his nearly 40 year career. He does this through his weekly blogs, Titans Mastermind and Master Class, and now...Titans Xcelerator.

Chris Mason is Brian's marketing partner and has worked with Brian since 2013, when the idea of Titans was just starting to form. 

A true student of direct response, Chris has offers out in the health and B2B niche currently. He also serves a limited number of direct response clients, writing winning copy and helping them apply the principles of direct response. 

Carla Zwaan has worked with Brian since 2015 and is organizational force behind everything Titans puts out into the world.

Carla takes ideas and turns them into reality. She manages and runs all the "behind the scenes" work that goes into Titans Mastermind and Master Class.

Titans Xcelerator Payment Plan

If a payment plan is a better fit for you, Here's what we've put together for you..

You can be a part of Titans Xcelerator for 4 payments of $500. 

That means you get access to the

  • Monthly calls with Brian
  • Monthly Swipe Files
  • Monthly trainings from the Titans Vault
  • Monthly Spotlight Interviews
  • Private Facebook Group

You get all the benefits of being inside the Titans family at a lower initial financial commitment.

Ready to Join?

Join today for just four monthly payments of


Titans Marketing LLC