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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” left_padding=”5″]FOR GAME CHANGERS ONLY. 

Two of the pickiest, high-end, elite marketing consultants alive today are Joe Polish and Brian Kurtz.

They refuse to personally work with anyone who is not a Game Changer.

They refuse to waste any time on anything that is not a 10x opportunity.

It’s not arrogance – as everyone in their circle knows Joe and Brian to be two of the most gracious, caring and giving people in the marketing world today. The reality – plainly and simply – is supply and demand for both Joe and Brian is such that they simply don’t have the time to consider working with anyone or any company that are not at a Game Changing caliber.

What distinctions and experience do they have that warrants them being so selective? Joe charges $50,000 a day, $25,000 for 1/2 a day and runs the highest level Genius Network in the world for industry transformers. Brian grew Boardroom Publishing – one of the world’s most respected direct response companies – to $150 million.

Most people are not ready to seriously consider working with discerning 30+ year pros like Joe and Brian. Rightly so. They are not for everyone – and very few people will ever be accepted to work with them personally.

That’s why Joe and Brian sat down and recorded this candid conversation. If you believe yourself to be a “right fit” and are looking to work with Joe or Brian — the following is MANDATORY viewing.  (* Joe and Brian will not entertain any consulting arrangement if you have not listened to or watched the video below first.)

For everyone else, this video will be just as valuable. It is your guide to discovering the truth about “HOW TO HIRE A MARKETING CONSULTANT”.

Here is a sample of what you’re going to learn:

* What high-end consultants like Joe and Brian will expect of the people they consider taking on (and why they will turn down 99% of all the people that ask to consult with them)

* An insight about direct response marketing worth $1,000,000 to the right company

* What to look for in a marketing consultant and what they should do for you if they are trustworthy and reputable

* If the marketing consultant you are considering hiring isn’t one phone call away from almost anything you are going to want access to for your business, that should be a signal that they are not a high-level consultant. Your marketing consultant should be able to get to almost anybody. But there are some other intricacies beyond just simply “accessing anybody”. Joe and Brian explain…

* How to spot and avoid rip-off, low-end, dishonest consultants who dispense costly advice and take advantage of you

* What to look for in a copywriter that tells you whether they will be a dud or a stud (PLUS: How the talented copywriters worth their weight in gold charge – and why you will be smart to pay it if you want to lock them up before other people do…)

* A strategy Joe shared with a company that helped them bring in an additional $6.5 million (You can start using this strategy immediately to bring more revenue into your company)

* The #1 thing smart, savvy business owners pay consultants for (It’s not “ideas” or “advice”)

* “We’re Crushing It!” = Famous Last Words Before The Horror Story: How many channels and mediums is your company diversified into? Brian explains why some people are one medium away from going bankrupt or being shut down (even if when they think it can’t or won’t happen to them) and why it’s the strategic (and rare) marketing consultant versed in multiple media channels who can make you a fortune…

* Joe shares the subtle difference between a world class marketer and an amateur (Most companies miss this difference, but you won’t. You’ll know exactly what to look for…)

* Marketing formulas you can use (even if you never hire Joe or Brian) that have in some cases made their clients millions and even tens of millions of dollars

* Joe and Brian suggest books to give you more direction, confidence, capability and clarity for approaching, hiring and seeking outside help for your company

* The most effective way to hire a marketing consultant that ensures they are consistently coming up with elegant breakthrough ideas and connections for you and your company

If the idea of hiring Brian or any high-end consultant is something you are thinking about, you need to watch this video above on “HOW TO HIRE A MARKETING CONSULTANT”. (** Again, we will not entertain any consulting arrangement if you have not watched the video first.)

Once you’ve watched the video and are ready to work with Brian and Titans Marketing, please email Carla to set up an initial meeting.[/text_block]




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