December 9, 2017

I read recently in a Facebook group for copywriters that if you receive an email without a P.S. you know it probably came from an amateur…or it certainly came  from someone who has not studied direct marketing like so many of us have over the years. 

I am guilty of “no P.S.”  on occasion…since I sometimes want my weekly Sunday blogs to just be a “story” without trying to do more in a P.S. 

Boy am I naïve! 

And I am also guilty of committing another sin: 

I make my blog posts so long that you never even get to the P.S.! 

I think I learned this cutting my teeth in direct mail and always creating longer sales letters and formats…assuming that of course you will read ahead to the P.S. 

Not so true with my blog posts it seems… 

Last Sunday’s P.S. was something I wanted all of you to read but I have a feeling many of you may have missed it because “Christmas cards in July” was one of my longer “Sunday sagas.” 

I apologize! 

But will you read my P.S. now? 

I know it’s not Sunday but I really would like you to know more about charity:water, an organization like no other I have encountered in my decades in direct marketing. 

I’ll stop now so you can read the P.S.! 

And I will be in touch with you again on Sunday…with a different P.S…promise!




P.S. I know we are well past “giving Tuesday“; but we are also at the beginning of the Christmas giving season…and I’ve got a story to share that will melt your heart and inspire you to (maybe) give up a latte or two a month to directly help people around the world with something essential we all take for granted.

Scott Harrison is the hero who started charity:water which is an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to everyone on the planet.

I attended their annual gala earlier this week where they raised over $4, 000, 000…which will directly give 150,000 people access to clean water for the first time…whether it’s through equipping households in Cambodia with a water purifier in their homes or drilling miles underground to find clean water in Ethiopia.

That’s a game changer.

I give to many charities…many of which focus on a single disease that has hit someone in my family or circle of friends.

But when you think about how many diseases or causes of death can be eliminated by simply making sure everyone has clean water to drink, an organization like charity:water is one of those missions that is so easy to get behind…it’s kind of an “Uber Charity.”

I also love charity:water because 100% of the money donated is used to bring clean water to people around the world. That is, they have a completely separate fundraising division that finances the overhead of the organization.

I’ve decided to only support charities using this model going forward.

I met some of the amazing people at the gala who fund the overhead (they are called “The Well”)…and they are some of the most heart centered entrepreneurs and business people you will ever meet…many of whom are quite famous, names you would know (but I don’t think they want their names mentioned–they are not about the publicity).

But to repeat: Every dollar donated by folks like us builds wells and/or brings clean water to places where people are constantly sick (and dying) because all they have access to is contaminated water.

Scott set up a page just for me and you, my fellow Titans, to give you more details on this one-of-a-kind organization…and the video on this page tells such a compelling story.

And the page also makes it easy for you personally to bring clean water to places around the world that need it most.

Please watch the video on the page.

I hope you will join me in donating any amount you can on a monthly basis.

Something else that is unique about charity: water is that they have technology in place so you can see your donation at work.

They tell you where your money is being used each month and you can even get updates on how much water each of their projects is producing and how many people are being helped.

My monthly payment this month went to Rwanda…I just received an email…this is what they sent me.

You will receive something similar every month if you join the cause…so please join me during this special time of year and become a supporter.

If you can even donate $5 a month to charity:water you can help change 6 people’s lives per year by providing clean water to them.

Remember: 100% of your donation goes directly to digging wells in order to bring clean water to people who need it most around the world.

Thanks for reading and considering..and happy “giving Friday!”

Please click here.

And look…no P.P.S!

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