April 25, 2018

Please don’t take the subject line above or the short video below too literally…and I hope you will watch it since the concept is so important.

Simply put, the words we use matter.

I promised myself and all of you a long time ago that I would never use this blog to rant (and I believe ranting is kind of a waste of time anyway).

I would much rather simply teach and share…I have no ax to grind…although I may insult a few folks with this video (which is absolutely not my intention).

You know that one of my core premises of marketing is that we always need to play the “long game” and not just look for quick hits (and quick money).

One of the most important ways we can play the long game is to make customer service and fulfillment our highest priority.

Based on many interactions with so many of you over the last few years, I know you understand this–specifically, that focusing on the “back end” (and the “less glamorous” endeavor of taking care of existing customers) is critical to creating a world class business (and a successful marketing and sales operation).

And dare I say that prioritizing those back end functions is even more important than new customer acquisition. 

In addition, if you follow this philosophy, there is no reason to ever be too loose or too flippant with your language around marketing and what you do for the audiences you serve.

Remember you are always “in service” and not in the business of simply extracting cash for profit.

Creating maximum impact with our products and services is a responsibility none of us should take lightly…and based on what I know about all of you, I think today’s video will resonate in some way.

I encourage you to share it anywhere you like, especially where there are folks who need to hear this message.

I would love to know what you think…just leave a comment or send me an e-mail.





P.S.  Correction from last week’s post, “The People You Meet on the Way Up”

For some reason I mentioned that the epic “Bencivenga 100” seminar was held in 1997…but it was actually in 2005.

I know I confessed last week that I will be 60 next month…but that was just for effect…I was actually in high school in 1997 (yeah…I wish!)  🙂

P.P.S. And please watch this video and confirm that you are not taking your best customers for granted…

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