January 2, 2022

During the live Zoom call I hosted last week, with over 70 existing and prospective Titans Xcelerator members on screen, one of the members shared her experience with the group…which reminded me of a 6 minute video I recorded in 2016.

She began with an apology (of sorts) letting the Zoom room know that she spends most of the live calls as a “fly on the wall,” taking in the genius of the other Xclelerators (and guest speakers), being a sponge, and then adapting the ideas she learns to her business. 

And while that is a fine and acceptable way to experience Titans Xcelerator, the truth is that she is much more than a fly on the wall…she just doesn’t realize it. 

I called her out (politely of course) reminding her of the hot seat she submitted (and “sat on”) for the group…which in everyone’s opinion, “moved the (Zoom) room” (i.e., her hot seat had lessons for all and created discussions that not only helped her but helped everyone who attended or listened to that call). 

I also reminded her that while she is silent on most calls, I remembered her giving some valuable advice and input during a discussion that pertained to her specific business…and once again, she moved the room forward. 

Based on all of that, here is a revision to the description she painted for herself: 

She is a fly on the wall until she isn’t…picking her spots to contribute when the topic touches on her defined niche…and sharing freely, intimately, and courageously when she submitted a hot seat in an open forum. 

That’s a powerful fly. 

Whether we want to admit this or not (and I encourage all of you to admit this), you are an expert in something. 

And sharing your experiences and expertise with the world is not only a good thing to do it is actually irresponsible not to do (i.e., keeping your genius to yourself). 

The world of Titans Xcelerator is an incubator for this kind of interaction…and I encourage you to get into a group (whether Titans or something else), of like-minded individuals, in different industries and niches, on a regular basis, to flex your experience and expertise muscles. 

What comes back to you will exponentially expand your knowledge and wisdom…and change your business in ways you could never imagine. 

One small caveat while you are “flexing”: You also need to remain humble…which should not be confused with being a silent (or talkative) fly. 

Share willingly and with grace…but always be listening for everyone else’s feedback and thoughts so you get their “greatest hits” as they share willingly and with grace. 

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and you never want to cross that line…and confidence always comes with humility as standard equipment…it is never an option. 

Everyone has “best stuff” to share…and when you are in a group where everyone is sharing their best stuff all the time, it’s magic. 

It’s like the famous “Boardroom Dinners,” the brainchild of my mentor Marty Edelston, which I wrote about in my book Overdeliver, under the heading of “The Power of Intentional Dinners.” 

I plan to write an extensive post on this concept in the new year…or if you have a copy of Overdeliver, you can read about how to eat dinner with purpose (and with good table manners too), on pages 217-225. 

There are many ways to do these dinners, in different sizes and shapes, but it’s all about sharing the thing you are the most passionate about and that you are an expert in…with everyone else doing the same thing. 

And whether it is at an intentional dinner, inside Titans Xcelerator, in a blog, a journal, a podcast…please, share your genius generously…and often. 

Even if you are “only” a fly. 

And to repeat:

Everyone is an expert in something. 

Click on my 2016 face below and watch the 6-minute video where I prove this further…  

Me? I’m an expert in loving my online family…and in that spirit I wish everyone reading this…and also everyone who didn’t get this far…you know who you are 🙂 … a joyous and “xcelerated” 2022! 

See you next year.   



P.S. The deadline is tonight—Sunday, January 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (pacific time) –to become a member of Titans Xcelerator. 

And that includes becoming a fly on the wall…while contributing when you (and we) least expect it…with the most incredible group of marketers and copywriters ever assembled in one place. 

You’ve been receiving lots of emails from me over the past few weeks with success stories from Titans Xcelerator members, highlights of the benefits of membership and multiple examples of why you need a group like this in your life. 

I’m done selling it after today…for a year at least… (says the “Director of Sales Prevention”). 🙂 

If I haven’t made my case, so be it…I tried…but if it’s not Titans Xcelerator, find some group that suits you better…because you can’t go it alone…and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. 

And if it is (or could be) Titans Xcelerator, now is the time to join with the lowest price and the most useful bonuses. 

Everything you need to know to make an educated decision (to become a more educated direct response marketer or copywriter) is here. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the “inside” soon…our next live call is January 6th…your welcome package is ready to be shipped…and 300+ eager Xcelerators are ready to give you a socially distanced group hug (and advice and counsel whenever you need it). 

Go here to join now.

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