May 30, 2014

Those of you who have been regular readers of my weekly e-mails…and maybe some of you who are new…know that I lost my mentor (and direct marketing hero) Marty Edelston last October.One of the posts where I talked about our special relationship was titled “The Myth of Work-Life Balance.” I think you will get a better picture of why Marty was so special by reading that post.

In case you missed it, you can read it here.

At 2:00 a.m. on the day of Marty’s funeral last October, I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to figure out what to say about him.

I was grateful (and terrified) that I was given the honor of being the only non-family member to deliver a eulogy…and I wanted it to be extra special for the man who changed my life.

And the lives of millions more.

Marty always would tell me that he was just an ordinary guy who was able to do extraordinary things…simply “Mickey from Newark”, trying to do the best he could all the time.

As I sat there  in my kitchen just hours before we were to pay tribute to him, I came up with four pillars of why I thought “ordinary Marty” became an extraordinary businessman, entrepreneur, marketer, editor, benefactor…the total package:

1. He outworked everyone
2. He had insatiable curiosity
3. He always surrounded himself with people smarter than himself in areas he was not an expert in and
4. He focused on helping YOU first…with “saving lives” as the ultimate mission

Not a bad way to run one’s life, huh?

The NEXT tribute I’m putting together for Marty is an event I call the “Titans of Direct Response“. In my letter about the event I explain how these four pillars are the backbone of Day One of what is going to be an extraordinary two-day event.

I realized that I needed to bring together many of those people Marty surrounded himself with to become big and strong…and one superstar after another said they would like to speak, share and educate.

Even folks who never speak anymore.

Coming out for Marty is easy for them because he always came out for everyone.

I’ve given this quote before from Marty but it bears repeating if you’ve heard it…and if you haven’t heard it, it’s a good one to live by:

“You only go through  life once so you might as well be the world’s best”

“Titans” is my way of presenting the world’s best in the area I’ve lived and breathed for 33 years.

And to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best…and learn from the best.

I guarantee that if you miss the “Titans of Direct Response” you will regret it.

I’ve been able to bring together he world’s best direct response marketers and entrepreneurs to share their timeless wisdom.

All of the details are here.

I’m not writing hard sales copy in this e-mail nor will I tell you that you better get your spot before it sells out (which it will).

The value and the opportunity speaks for itself.

Simply put,  I hope to see many of you there…and maybe meet many of you for the first time too. I am grateful to have you on this list.

As I’ve said before, the feedback I’ve gotten from these weekly e-mails has been so rewarding.

And you can be sure that I will continue to provide value to you every week–even if you don’t come to “Titans!”  🙂

Also– I encourage you to continue to send me your wonderful feedback and advice.

But there is no bigger gift I can give to you right now than this event.

It’s also a dream come true for me to bring so many of my mentors and friends together in one place; and I know Marty is smiling down at me saying, “nice work champ.”

Once again, the link to all of the information on “Titans” is here.

Until next week.



P.S. For the first 50 registrants from this list to “Titans” I will personally send you two more incredible gifts: A book from one of my mentors and the architect of Reader’s Digest in the 60’s and 70’s (Gordon Grossman’s “Confessions of a Direct Mail a Guy”) AND the “Bill Jayme Collection” which is 10 CD’s and a DVD covering the career of one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived…every package he ever wrote…both of these gifts are over a $400 value. Not selling, just want to give more great stuff away…:-)

P.P.S. I would love your feedback and ideas specifically about the event too. I’ve got the agenda pretty set but nothing is written in stone…and I think you will be blown away by the giveaways all attendees will receive (in addition to the content being useful, practical and timeless). But I’m open to make it even better.

Another quote that Marty had on his personal stationery:

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until the good is better…and the better best.”

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