April 24, 2017

I hate the word “networking.”

But I love connecting with people I can learn from any chance I get…and I think the notion of “contributing to connect” is a much better way to think about “networking.”

Those of you who are new to my online family might have missed my post where I talked about why I hate the term networking so much…you can read that here if you like.

The short version is that you need to start with contribution in all you do…and then the connection just comes naturally.

No need for what most think is “networking…”

And don’t forget to always “play 100-0” which I spoke about a few weeks ago.

For this week’s post I wanted to talk about this critical topic through the words of a good friend of mine (and a true American hero), Scott Mann.

More about his game changing Ted Talk in a minute…

Scott is a decorated Green Beret and was a guest speaker with me when I was “masterminding at The Pentagon” last year, speaking to soldiers in Washington D.C.

And just this past week, I returned to Fort Meyer, Virginia (near The Pentagon) to talk with our troops again–and this time, Scott was the master of ceremonies for the event.

Scott is one of those people you will follow into any battle…as so many others have in the past.

And following him on stage this past week was one of the highlights of my career.

The life changing organization behind these events where I met Scott is American Dream U, the brainchild of my friend Phil Randazzo.

It may be the most important organization helping our veterans.

American Dream U helps soldiers re-career when they eventually leave the military and active duty–and most of the soldiers we speak to have done multiple tours in the Middle East and elsewhere…in the most dangerous combat imaginable.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders in the U.S., we would not have the opportunity to do what we do without the courage of these brave soldiers.

We can never forget that.

And when I speak to these soldiers I give it my all since they are giving it their all…and their job is way tougher than ours.

Scott’s recent Ted Talk is one you will want to watch multiple times (as I did)…and please listen carefully to his three key messages.

I gave you the first one in the subject line and Scott’s story is not about connecting at a seminar or trade show…it’s about connecting in probably the most hostile situation where lives are on the line.

Scott also teaches re-careering vets about the importance of their “story” and as you watch this Ted Talk, you will see some expert copywriting.

I even told Scott, who is not a marketer or copywriter by trade, that what he is teaching the vets is just as valuable to you, my online family—because I know you are all interested in telling your stories more powerfully.

Scott is the right messenger for this critical message on connection and he’s also one of the best storytellers I know.

I hope his talk moves you as much as it moved me.

Click here to watch it now.



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