March 28, 2020

I don’t have to tell you that we’ve got some “issues” these days…and I don’t take them lightly.

But rather than lament and complain, I reached out to every Titans Mastermind member over the last two weeks, one-on-one, to hear about how they are dealing with the situation—listening to their innovative ideas and brainstorming many other ideas as well.

We are coming together as a group on April 2nd to share “best-in-show” and I will hopefully be able to share a recording of that call…or at least add to the list below.

Below is a sampling of what I’ve heard so far (without mentioning names of companies).

Please read all of them whether they apply directly to your business or not…be creative and use your imagination…and adapt to your particular situation if you can.


  • Everyone agreed that there is no one way to deal with COVID 19, the Coronavirus, the pandemic—but there are many ways not to deal with it.
  • In many cases, you don’t even have to mention it (but you can still refer to it) since it is baked into the cake already.
  • Example: One member sells a supplement with various ingredients, one of which has shown excellent results for improving lung function—and it helped with lung function before the Coronavirus. It’s in the sales letter already so a simple P.S. in the email that goes out to customers and prospects just stating the fact that it’s “beneficial for lung function” is more than enough. Bring attention to it but don’t accentuate it.
  • Example of mentioning the problem “sideways”: Someone with a dating offer for women might be testing a subject line such as, “When you eventually leave your house you need to be ready for less social distance…” Those aren’t the exact words and we’ll let a real copywriter take care of that. 🙂
  • Example of not mentioning it at all: An offer that was successful before the pandemic—how to deal with a situation when you can’t find a doctor—needs no further explanation to introduce it (or to sell it) to your audience.
  • Another one where you don’t have to mention it at all: A new financial offer dealing with a “volatile stock market.” You can mention it but with the news changing so rapidly, that might not be the best idea.
  • Change the focus from COVID 19 to something else: One fundraiser is testing a buck slip in a direct mail package about what previous donors can do given the situation. Rather than mention the Coronavirus up front they are considering a test that emphasizes that their money can be used directly, for example, for virtual events when folks can’t assemble…and real events when the crises is over.
  • I had a call with marketing genius Frank Kern—I will share that in the weeks ahead—and he said he’s “not changing a thing” with his promotions until he sees a need. Given the mindset of his students, it’s smart to not break it if it isn’t broke. But he’s ready to change that if need be.
  • An idea from Frank for restaurants: He would be calling every college student (they are mostly all home) and get them to be the pony express for an uptick in home deliveries.
  • I added that they can also be used to go door-to-door (without knocking!), lobby to lobby, mailbox to mailbox with a “special menu” that says, “I want to cook you dinner tonight” (with the specialties of the restaurant)—with a follow up call from the restaurant after delivery of the specialized menu to take their order. That beats just leaving a menu.
  • The key is to be as proactive as you can in order to differentiate you from those waiting, wondering, and hoping for business. And be generous with your offering (discounts for example). Of course with a restaurant, no one opens the door until food is delivered! 🙂
  • What I’m doing with Titans Xcelerator: Focusing on the fact that it’s “…the perfect mastermind for today…and the future…because while it’s always socially distanced it always has an intimacy built in with support from peers and experts…live calls…and an active Facebook Group.”


Simply put, design is always important—whether it’s in email, display ads, direct mail, print—and the best advice I can give you is that you should employ someone with a good eye and experience re: what colors and fonts to use in this tricky environment. It can make a huge difference.

I’m not an expert here but one member of Titans Mastermind you could contact is Lori Haller:

And there are many others.

Make or buy?

Those of you who are in a brick and mortar or service business—especially one where social distancing has greatly impacted the way you do business (e.g. dentist, chiropractor, hair salon etc.)–might have options that you might not be aware of:

  • Example: Think of things you can offer that you don’t have to make yourself such as drop shipping supplements, products or anything to help your patients/clients deal with their issues when they can’t see you in person—and offer a free visit when the smoke clears as well to give them a vision of the future. (More ideas on pricing, freebies, discounts below).
  • Brainstorm with your clients, customers, patients—one-on-one if it’s doable—and see what they need while being isolated that relates to the services you provide. Then think about how you can sell it to them (with empathy and integrity).
  • Go deep to find out their pain points and think, “how can I serve them” without any barriers of how you can do it—free think as much as possible to determine what is possible.

If you solve the “what,” the “who” and the “how” may come to you easier than you think.

Pricing, discounts and bonuses

  • This is a perfect time to think about what you can give away for free (either now or later), how you can discount your best products (which includes installment or deferred pricing) or just over delivering with bonuses (which can be product, additional attention through calls, webinars etc.)—anything and everything you can think of.
  • Example: If you have an audience of buyers and they have never bought a second product from you (or an upgrade of the product), offer them the second product/upgrade with deferred payments. Maybe half now and half in three months? If their credit is solid, maybe free now and pay in 3 months? Everything should be considered.
  • Example: I heard from someone who gave a 3 month free membership to their program—and 10,000 people took him up on the offer. And if you go into such a program with no expectation of making money on those people, I will predict you will make money from them by just playing 100-0 (and having them utilize the program while you enhance their lives). That is, many will eventually pay you with no selling. And if they don’t end up paying, that’s OK too, especially if you have no hard costs.
  • And in addition to products and services, the one thing you can always give away is TIME. And most of us, if not all of us, have some extra time right now. You all have super powers that you can give away (or get paid for) to seed for the future or to make (deserved) income in the present—with existing students, customers—and even prospects who you may not have been able to spend time with previously due to your busy schedule. Think about who you can serve more…whether free, discounted (and even “full price if you need to) when your availability in the past was limited or non-existent.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate

This is kind of obvious…but creating “events” online (in addition to what you might normally do with webinars, group calls and the like) is all doable–and there is no limitation—you can imagine anything.

If you have had a live event postponed or cancelled, I’ve got a special presentation for you to watch right now—or later—which will be well worth your while.

I reached out to the two top experts in our industry regarding live events, Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick for a link to a special “brain dump/download” they did on Facebook on this important topic.

They know more about live events than anyone in the world. Please click below:

Coronavirus and Live Events

It’s over an hour and a half of pure content. Fast forward through the first 7 plus minutes to get to the beginning.

If you are doing, have ever done or are planning to do live events in the future (and there will be live events!), this is a must watch.

Click here.

Some things I am participating in/supporting related to the ideas above:

  • I will be on the Stay at Home Summit hosted by result leader Curt Maly. Here’s a link to sign up.
  • I am adding additional calls to Titans Xcelerator (from 1 or 2 a month to as many as 3 or 4 a month)—basically as many as I can handle with experts volunteering to present to the group.
  • I will hopefully share with you the “best of” recording from Titans Mastermind…possibly next week.
  • I am offering my e-book, Overdeliver, for $1.99 beginning Monday March 30th (and through April 5th )…see links in the P.S. to all sources.
  • I am taking on a few one-on-one consulting clients (something I swore I would never do)…not for the money but to help selected companies who can use my help the most.
  • I’m here if you need me…I have available time but not unlimited time…and the most efficient and profitable way (for you) to reach me and stay in contact with me would be to join Titans Xcelerator.

Practicing what I am preaching above, I have a bonus and a discount for you if you sign up today. And as I said above, I am adding much more to the program during this chaotic period.

I will continue sending ideas with missives/videos…and more to take your mind off things as well.

Coming up:

  • The aforementioned video I recorded with Frank Kern on the current situation…hope it’s not too out of date by the time I send it…a day is like a week now, isn’t it? I’ll shoot for that one next week along with the Titans Mastermind call.
  • Some thoughts from Dan Kennedy on marketing in tough times–kind of a “Recession Rescue” manual.
  • Other material from days gone by that is perfectly relevant for this crises…you don’t think we’ve never had a crises before, do you? I’m working on a particular manuscript that I know you will find fascinating and useful.
  • And if you didn’t get my blog last week, check it out at Everyone has gone to the movies. I hope you enjoy it. It will take your mind off this “thing” that is encompassing most of our thoughts these days…and while I will never be flippant about it I also will never stop sending ideas you may be able to use.



P.S. My book, Overdeliveris available as an e-book for $1.99 beginning March 30th and through April 5th.

Here are the links to buy it:



Barnes and Noble

P.P.S. I hope you and those you love are doing the best you can through all of this.

I love you all.

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