January 14, 2017

Wanted to make sure you saw this…

We’ve SOLD OUT of the Titans of Direct Response program and I won’t be printing these priceless resources anytime soon.

But if anyone would like to place an order TODAY, at the special price of $1,750 I will reprint the entire program for you.

Click here today.

So far we are reprinting around a dozen.

If you want your name on the list that I send to the printer first thing tomorrow morning…you must order before midnight tonight west coast U.S. time (3am Saturday, U.S. Eastern Time).

If you do, I will also make sure you receive immediate access to the “event of the decade”…more on that in the email I sent earlier today (below) which also has all of the details to place your order.


Today was the last day you could pick up a copy of the Titans of Direct Response program at the special price of $1,750.

But yesterday we sold our last copy.

That means no more million dollar swipe files.

No more lessons from the greatest marketers ever assembled, sharing their wisdom at “the event of the decade.”

No more surprises that come with every order that I don’t even tell you about.

And as I thought about this, I remembered WHY I was offering this program at this special price in the first place.

It’s simple.

The information inside the Titans program will change your life.

And it’s my job to get it in the hands of as many people as possible.

So here’s the deal…

I will not be reprinting the Titans of Direct Response program anytime soon.

BUT if you want to make this investment in yourself and your business, I will reprint copies, one at a time, for every person who orders today.

It has to be today.

That means you can still pick up Titans for $1,750 and it’s not your problem that it will cost me twice as much to print up extra sets of this incredible package one at a time.

The extra cost and all the shipping and handling is on me.

Order yours today.

I don’t want you to miss out if you’ve been holding out ordering until the deadline today.

And since I will be “going back to press” and reproducing the package in such a small quantity (i.e. one at a time), shipping it to you will also take a little longer.

So here’s the other part of my plan to make up for the delay:

I’m also going to give you immediate access to a digital version of the Titans of Direct Response when you order right now so you can get started immediately.

Note: Those who bought the remaining copies already over the last two weeks will be getting this exclusive access retroactively.

Click here today.

With the digital version you can watch every presentation from Titans on your computer, phone or tablet.

The 1,000 pages of swipe files, exclusive interviews, transcripts, audio disc, copy critiques and more are not part of the digital version…but they will be part of the physical package we send to you.

Watching and learning from giants like Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall, Greg Renker, Joe Sugarman, Fred Catona (and others) is something you don’t want to pass up…and I can safely say that I don’t know when (or if) I will produce this package again in the future.

Click here now.

To your success,


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