June 19, 2017

This subject line is not an attempt at hyperbole.

I respectfully submit, “Marketing isn’t everything…it’s the only thing” as a credo to live by.

I’m pretty confident that I am preaching to the converted (i.e. you) when I say that nothing significant happens with our ideas or missions without marketing.

In addition, marketing practiced responsibly is not something to be afraid of… nor is it evil.

I know you all know that…but unfortunately, not everyone knows that…and all of us, as world class marketers, need to spread the word on the importance of “marketing the right way” whenever and wherever we can.

And in particular, I believe that this messages needs to be shared globally.

I did just that last year in Budapest, speaking to 300 Hungarian entrepreneurs.

I was thrilled when Forbes Entrepreneur promoted the story on Twitter and elsewhere…and they are now encouraging me to share it with you (and as many people as I can).

It’s called “Marketing Like Picasso: The Ultimate Crash Course For Busy Entrepreneurs”

My request is that if it resonates with you in any way, could you please share it with your own tribes, whether through email or social media or both…anyone who might benefit from this message?

Here’s the link:








Let me know what you think too…and how you are marketing like Picasso…



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