January 2, 2018

During the “go-go 1980’s” in direct marketing, everyone seemed to have the answer (i.e. the hot new technology or methodology), especially in the areas of database building, regression modeling and advanced list segmentation techniques through cooperative databases.

And if any of the terms above don’t ring a bell, shame on me for trying to mention things you never heard of…which is precisely what this post is all about.

I’m sure you are used to this sort of thing already since every vendor or innovator today seems to have the quick solution to your biggest marketing problem whether you can understand what they are talking about or not.

I recall walking through the exhibit halls at the Direct Marketing Association annual conference for over 25 years (which at its peak probably had 10,000+ attendees and an exhibit hall as big as a football stadium) and being a bit overwhelmed…but also very wary.

My rule of thumb as to whether I would stop at a booth in the exhibit hall for more than two minutes was if the person at the booth could explain their new whiz bang technology in no more than two sentences.

And…I needed to comprehend the meaning of those two sentences (and exactly how what they were offering could help my business) in that same 120 seconds. 

During those encounters, I often thought that there must be some kind of competition to see who could explain something with the least amount of comprehension. 

More times than not, obfuscation trumped clarity…they were selling hard but hiding way too much…and when that happened, I was off to the next booth.

The need for people to use big words to prove they are the smartest person in the room…or in this case, the smartest person in their booth…was my indicator to run away.

These are the kinds of salespeople/marketers/potential partners/consultants who would prefer to sell you (or teach you about) a black box of wonder rather than have you understand the fundamentals behind what built their black box.

When they do a lousy job of explaining, you then have to trust them about their expertise and that they just know their stuff–which could be the precise state-of-the-art technology you need–but you’d never know it by their explanation.

When this situation happens, trusting them is high risk with low reward.

This practice of hiding behind big words and the need to impress above all else is as prevalent today as ever before.

Today I give you permission to say to anyone at any time:

“I have no idea what you are talking about and unless you can explain it so I can understand it, the odds of us working together are pretty slim.”

This is precisely why our written marketing messages (in email, print…anywhere), and our verbal messages, need to always be in the language of our customer/prospect/conversation partner.

I have written about this a lot in the past as it pertains to copywriting.

But this is equally important when we deliver verbal messages too.

I love this Gene Schwartz quote:

There is your audience.

There is the language. 
There are the words that they use.     

And now that I have re-read Gene’s lost masterpiece The Brilliance Breakthrough I understand more clearly why he subtitled it:


How To Talk And Write So That People Will Never Forget You 

Here’s another potential subtitle which I know Gene would love as well:


How To Talk And Write So That People Will Never Misunderstand You 


Gene realized that there was little difference between communicating verbally or in writing in terms of how we can be best understood.

Please keep in mind that I am not talking about speaking to the “least common denominator”; but I am talking about speaking to educate (and connect) rather than to impress.

In short, be brilliant but always accessible; and never just dumb things down as a shortcut either.

Just give everyone easy access to your brilliance.

And when in doubt, choose small words over big ones.



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