February 12, 2018

Of all the “Hallmark holidays” I love Valentine’s Day the best.

We eat much better chocolate than we eat at Halloween…it reminds us of the gratefulness we all celebrate at Thanksgiving…the generosity (and love) that surrounds the Christmas season…and then we can add hearts anywhere we like…and of course we all have an excuse to wear red and pink.

And rumor has it that sex may be part of the deal under certain conditions…in addition to the chocolate.


I started writing this blog on February 14, 2014, in honor and memory of Marty Edelston (my friend and mentor) who passed away in October of 2013.

It is no accident that the man with the biggest heart in the world was born onFebruary 14th…yes, Valentine’s Day is Marty’s birthday too.

I kicked off this blog exactly four years ago, sharing a quote from my good friend Sean Stephenson, a psychotherapist, author and internationally known speaker, and I would like to share it again this year:

“I love everyone because as soon as I don’t love you, you own me” 

The lesson here is quite simple.

When we spend our energy NOT loving someone, we willingly hand over our power (and more than likely, our confidence) to them.

But if we work on eliminating the things in ourselves that keep us from loving others, what’s left is just love and gratefulness (and more confidence).

Although I am far from a student of religion, Sean’s quote seems to be like an extension from the quote from the Bible, 
“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

The idea that we should always be loving everyone, wishing them well, is the best way we can move on to what is really important in our lives which is our own happiness and well-being.

I will add that whenever you are wishing bad things on others or arguing over the “principle of the thing,” try to catch yourself and just get off it. Valentine’s Day is a nice marker on the calendar for that.

And since fighting over “principle” often entails fighting about money (whether small or large amounts), I would like to share another important aspect about this from Dan Sullivan, the top coach for entrepreneurs in the world:

“Money is about the past; your capabilities, resources and relationships are about the future.” 

I know at the time you are “in the fight” and it seems too important to let go, I encourage you to at least step back and challenge yourself whether you are just fighting over principle…or money that will not change your life…or if you are just expressing a need to make the other person wrong.

Think about all the time and energy you might be spending making everyone else wrong, creating your own simmering  anger (and stress), which then just gets in the way of all the good stuff you could be focusing on.

Someone recently quoted me on Facebook with a quote that I did not author but it’s one I try to live by…and I hope it’s meaningful to you as you move through this Valentine’s Day, loving everyone.

The quote goes like this:

“The only consistent feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you.” 

Isn’t it funny that the people in our lives who have the longest lists of people who have wronged them, made their lives miserable and caused unhappiness for them, rarely come to the realization that they are the CEO of their life and that there is only one thing (i.e. one person) that is present in all of those unfulfilling relationships?

Valentine’s Day is the best holiday for all the reasons I mentioned previously—the chocolate, the gratefulness, the generosity, the sex, and more chocolate…but the main reason it’s the best is because it keeps things simple.

Since I can’t send all of you a Hallmark card today, I’ll leave it to the great songwriter Stephen Stills to share the simplicity of Valentine’s Day (which is the title of one his hits) and this will serve as my card to you:

“Love The One You’re With” 


With love and gratitude (and wishing you an awesome “V-Day”),



P.S.  Quoting Stephen Stills, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, reminded me to tell you about a very special event I am hosting in Cleveland, Ohio (home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) in April.

It is one of two annual meetings of the Titans Master Class and I believe this one will be epic…and there are still some seats available.

It’s not a one-time event…as mentioned above it is one of two annual events that all Titans Master Class members attend…and the current members are some of the most heart-centered entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters in the world.

They are truly the next generation of rock stars even if they never get to the Hall of Fame after April!

Here is the tentative agenda for the April event in Cleveland…and the second event in 2018 in October will be equally epic:


Wednesday afternoon April 25th

We will do two afternoon workshops, one on direct mail with Craig Simpson (who is the co-author of my book) and one on couples/relationships with Ellyn Bader (who not only a therapist but also an expert in online launches…so she will be sharing marketing wisdom as well).


Wednesday evening April 25th:

I will host a cocktail party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with complimentary access to the Hall and do a meet and greet with fellow Titans.


Thursday April 26th:

Our special guest will be none other than Dan Kennedy for the entire day.

He will do a presentation of brand new material in the a.m., I will do a “fireside chat” with him at lunch (i.e. totally interactive) and then we will do focused hot seats in the afternoon (using a technique we have perfected in previous Titans meetings).

Then I will host a special dinner which is a staple at all Titans meetings.


Friday April 27th:

We will continue with additional guest speakers, Titan Spotlights (presentations from our members sharing their super powers), plus additional hot seats and marketing related discussions.

Guest speakers who have confirmed as of now:

Perry Marshall, Robin Robins, Richard Armstrong, Ray Edwards, Lee Euler.

Note: Titans Master Class is much more than the two live events a year…membership includes office hours with me during the year, a content portal with all previous presentations from speakers of the caliber mentioned above, group calls with special guests and presentations plus a private Facebook group where members can share ideas and resources throughout the year. 

All new members must be on boarded through a one-on-one interview…and if you would like to interview for a seat which would be the only way to join us in Cleveland in April, please fill out the short application form at:


I hope some of you can be with us in Cleveland, “loving the ones you will be with”…all Titans!

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