May 9, 2024

Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque, the CEO of The ASK Method Company and a seven-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list, is an entrepreneur and the #1 national best-selling author of the books Choose and Ask. His expertise has been showcased in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes, as well as on NBC News and Fox

Moreover, Ryan is a Co-founder and investor in, the foremost technology platform for creating lead generation and customer segmentation assessments. With a staggering 82 million end users worldwide, has engaged roughly 1% of the global population.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [02:35] The crucial role of a marketing insurance policy in scaling your business
  • [05:25] Discover Ryan’s journey from neuroscience to marketing and how it influences his techniques
  • [08:59] Insights into how a well-executed quiz funnel can generate millions in a short period [21:17] The potential ROI of quiz funnels and the long-term benefits of a built list
  • [22:41] Find out the secret behind obtaining incredibly cheap leads with high conversion rates
  • [24:40] Impact of algorithmic vs. interactive personalization 
  • [25:55] How data from quiz funnels can increase your business’s value significantly 
  • [29:29] Important aspects to consider for creating a quiz funnel

In this episode…

Are you looking for innovative ways to reach more prospects, personalize your marketing efforts, and boost your sales? Have you considered harnessing the power of quiz funnels, but aren’t quite sure how to make them work for your business? Could the secrets behind these highly effective tools be the key to transforming your marketing results? 

Ryan reveals how these funnels aren’t just about quizzes or leads; they’re about understanding and engaging with your customers on a deeper level. He presents examples where businesses have cut their lead costs while enjoying massive spikes in conversion rates and gathering valuable data. From a groundbreaking pivot during COVID-19 to enabling massive exits, Ryan argues for the power of quizzes in know-your-customer marketing. 

In this episode of Timeless Marketing Podcast, join host Brian Kurtz as he discusses with Ryan Levesque, CEO of The ASK Method Company, the art of mastering quiz funnels for marketing. Learn why these powerful tools can change the game for any business willing to engage customers directly through interactive personalization, gather valuable data, and skyrocket their conversions while keeping leads surprisingly affordable.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:03  

Welcome to the Timeless Marketing Podcast with Brian Kurtz, your connection to insights from some of the top direct response marketing minds on the planet.

Brian Kurtz  0:16  

Hey, it’s Brian Kurtz here, host of the Timeless Marketing Podcast. Today’s episode is a clip from one of the two-hour calls inside Titans Xcelerator, my private mentorship program for direct response marketers. Before we get to that, I have one question for you. Do you have a marketing insurance policy? If you don’t, you need one. And that’s why I created Titans Xcelerator, which is one of the most giving communities and serves as the de facto board of advisors and marketing insurance policy for over 250 of the best and brightest direct response marketers, copywriters, media buyers, marketing agencies, senior executives, anyone in direct response marketing, who is committed to growing and scaling their business, the bottom line, you don’t have to grow your business alone. And you don’t need to spend 10s of 1000s of dollars either. 

Titans Xcelerator is 1/10 of the price of most groups of its kind. I know because I hosted a group that was over $20,000 a year. If you want to see how Titans Xcelerator can help you grow and scale your specific business, go to That’s B-R-I-A-N Kurtz [dot] net [slash] help. And with a private membership, you’ll receive access to the full presentation from today’s episode, along with the Q&A and discussion that followed. As an added bonus, you’ll receive access to a vault filled with many more private calls just like this one. Again, if you want to see if Titans Xcelerators are fit for you with no obligation. Go to That’s B-R-I-A-N Kurtz [dot] net [slash] help. And feel free to email me directly. I respond to every email with questions about this episode. Or just to say hi, Now onto today’s episode. Okay, I think Ryan Levesque is in the house.

Ryan Levesque  2:29  

What’s going on Brian? Hey, buddy, how are you doing? How are you doing, man?

Brian Kurtz  2:33  

Good. You gotta kick ask today.

Ryan Levesque  2:35  

Definitely going to kick them, ask, you know, kick ask and take names as we say over here. So

Brian Kurtz  2:41  

Yeah, Ryan’s got his own little setup there. He’s got two computers, by the way one of them is a cartoon channel. And the other one is, I think it’s pornography, but not.

Ryan Levesque  2:55  

Now I’m just I just I just, I just like to play clips of the Jets. Season in front of me. I just like to have that just so like, you know, if you start having too big of an ego, I can just kind of look at this and say, Yeah, that’s right.

Brian Kurtz  3:10  

Okay, you went? Wow, he really got you there. That was good, Ryan. So, those of you who don’t know Ryan Levesque, you should know Ryan with that. And those of you who do know Ryan Levesque, I’m sure you follow them. I’m sure many of you have attended either a webinar or a seminar, something that he’s done over the years. He is a force of nature within not just the force of nature, but he’s, he’s a force of nature, but he uses his brain to do it. I mean, he’s, I think I think he studied neuroscience in college and the neuroscience marketing guy, super dangerous, but super dangerous in the best way. And what he’s going to talk about today are his quiz funnels, which is his specialty, not his, you know, people say, you know, Ryan, I always say Ryan as quiz funnels. 

Ryan is so much more than that. But, you know, you get pigeonholes to some degree, and we’re not going to pigeonhole him, but he is going to talk about quiz funnels. And he’s going to specifically talk about the six secrets to building a highly profitable quiz funnel, step by step. So this will be tactical, it’ll be useful. And then at the end, I think he has the guy who wrote and chooses as an ask for you. Which is perfectly fine, because it’s a great ask, because he’s got some new programs coming up for potential niches earlier in this call Ryan. 

So you have a couple of things going on with a couple of niches that you really think are going to be taking them to the next level, and people in this group are in those niches, by the way, so we’ll get to that later. And then anything else you want to sell? You can sell all you want. I’m not taking that affiliate commission. But you should be with Ryan Levesque. If you want to learn anything about anything to do with, you know how to segment your list, add up, put a message to list anything that I did in the old fashioned way in the 80s and 90s. And now Ryan’s perfected it online. You really want to be with Ryan in some way. So I’ll leave it to you to go wherever you want Ryan, and you’re awesome.

Ryan Levesque  5:25  

Well, listen, Brian, thanks so much for the kind introduction, super excited to be here. And it’s great. I just popped in halfway through Vernon’s hot seat, which was great. And I came in literally, at the question of how do I get more people to see my video to watch my videos and I’m thinking to myself, well, I’ve got something that you might want to consider. So for anybody who’s looking for a way to get more eyeballs to your stuff, get more people to your webinar, more people to your video sales that are getting more leads get more customers, I’m going to be talking about something that I believe is something that everybody should have in their business. It’s something that in the 15 years that I’ve been in this world of doing digital marketing and direct response marketing has been more effective than anything else. 

And that is using the power of a quiz funnel. So specifically, today, we’re going to talk about how no matter what type of business you’re in, you can explode the growth of your business and 2021 using the power of quiz funnels. Now, what is a quiz funnel? Well, quiz fun, I want to kick things off by actually showing you an example of what I mean by this. Because when we talk about a quiz, quiz funnel, we’re not talking about a quiz, we’re not quite talking about a funnel. It’s almost as if a quiz and a funnel if they were to have a baby get married. This is what we’d be looking at. And so if we go to my screen here, you can see this is an example of a quiz funnel. And I’m gonna take you through this in just a moment. 

This one’s a little bit meta. It’s a quiz funnel, what type of funnel is right for your business? Take this assessment to find out what type of online digital marketing funnel is right for you. And we start with a page that looks a little something like this. People click this link and they answer a series of questions. I’ll zoom this in a little bit to make it a little bit more readable for you. You know, what type of product are you selling? What type of niche Are you in? Are you selling physical books health and beauty commerce, what’s the price point of what you’re selling, we asked people a series of questions to help diagnose and then ultimately prescribe the right type of funnel for you. 

Now if you’re curious if you want to check this out, and if you’re taking notes, right now, the link to go through this, if you just want to learn for yourself is take the funnel Now this funnel that I just shared, shared with you right here, if we go to my iPad for a moment, as a funnel that we launched in 2020, we did it right in the middle of COVID-19, in the middle of a global pandemic when the world was falling apart. And we had to pivot our business in a big way. And we did so leaning on our number one strategy, which is to use a quiz funnel in that funnel that I just showed you right here is a funnel that in less than 55 days. It’s a little bit fatter here in 55 days. 

That funnel that I just showed you generated

$8.59 million dollars in the middle of the global pandemic, when the world was falling apart. And we did it using what I’m about to show you here today. So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to walk you through the six steps to build a quiz funnel like this in your business, I’m gonna go through a bunch of different examples. And I want to try to leave as much time as possible for q&a, Brian, so we can make this as interactive and kind of as informal as possible. This isn’t like a, you know, I just put this together for this group here. So happy to be available for a Q & A. But I want to go through some stuff. So I think it’s going to set some important groundwork, I’m probably going to answer a lot of the questions that you might be having right now. 

And then we’ll go to any additional questions at the end. So I showed one example of a quiz funnel, but I want to share that this is something that you can use no matter what type of business that you sell. So Vernon and his case study we’re talking about selling a software product right so you can use a quiz funnel to sell SAS or software, you can use a quiz funnel to sell physical ecommerce like this example right here, you can use a quiz funnel to sell online digital courses. For anybody who has an online digital course, you can use a quiz funnel to sell a book and I’m going to show you a few examples of some of the books that we’ve sold on the back of a quiz funnel that have generated literally hundreds of 1000s of sales and have produced best sellers if you sell a digital membership. So just like this group right here selling a membership on the back of a quiz funnel. 

If you are a coach, a consultant, a copywriter, a freelancer and you’re looking to get private clients, you can use a quiz funnel like this example right here. If you’re a consultant and you have a digital marketing agency, for example, like this example here or even if you’ve got a physical brick and mortar business, whether it’s a gym, a restaurant, a local service business like if you are a C PA or as I’m going to show in a little bit more detail later, if you are even in the financial services industry, or the real estate space, I’ve got something really exciting to share with you as well. This is something that you can use, even if you’re just looking to generate leads online, whether it’s b2b leads, like this example right here, or b2c leads. Now, this is for you if you sell more than one product, so you’ve got more than one thing that you sell. 

This is for you, if you sell one product or service, you just got one thing basically, that you sell most people, this is for you, if you want to quickly grow your audience or email list if you want to generate cheap, highly profitable leads, if you’re just looking for a new way, something innovative, something different, something outside the box, if you want to try something new, in 2021, to grow and expand your business and to give yourself a competitive advantage relative to your competition. Or if you’re simply looking for a proven step by step process that you can model. Here’s what we’re going to cover in our time together. First, I’m gonna just really define it so we all have the same language together. 

What is a quiz funnel? Exactly? And how is it different as I mentioned just a moment ago from a traditional quiz, and a traditional funnel, what makes it unique. We’re going to talk about the three types of quiz funnels. 

And this piece is important because I’m going to show you the three types of quiz funnels to choose from the psychology and neuroscience behind each one, and how to decide which one’s right for you. This is going to be one of the assignments that I want to encourage you to lean into here today is to come up with and decide which of the three types of quiz funnels makes the most sense for your business. I’m gonna show you over a dozen different examples, all sorts of different situations. As I mentioned just a moment ago, I’m going to show you some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they create one of these quizzes. And we’re gonna wrap things up with a case study, a brand new case study that was launched not too long ago, that’s getting 43 cent leads already responsible for over a million dollars in revenue. 

And I’m even gonna take you behind the scenes of some cool technology that makes it all possible. So first things first, what’s the quiz funnel? What is a quiz? One quiz funnel in a nutshell is I like to think about it like this. Imagine, when someone lands on your website, instead of first showing them a video instead of trying to push them into a lead magnet instead of trying to jam your offer down people’s throats. Just like if you’re having a conversation with someone in person, you first begin by asking a series of questions to better understand their situation. That way you can then customize the product or offer or message that you put in front of someone based on their situation. So I gave an example of this just a moment ago, but I’ll show a few other examples. So this is an example of this in the golf market. And some of you may have seen this example before. It’s one of my more famous examples. 

It’s led to a big exit, which I’ll share in just a moment. But here’s an example of a quiz while on the golf space. This is a page that looks a little something like this, where we have a video and the video, the copy basically reads, you know, hey, this is Jim Mclean here, and I’ve been helping golfers for the last 25 years. And what I found is that every golfer from the rank beginner to the season tour Pro has one of what we call 10 big mistakes in their golf swing. We call these mistakes, swing killers. And what I’ve also found is that I can identify what your number one swing killer is in under 60 seconds, just by simply asking you a few simple questions about your tendencies where the ball tends to land when you play what happens when you’re swinging the golf club. To find out what your number one swing killer is and how to fix it for free. Simply click the yellow button below. And I’ll see you in just a few minutes on the other side. 

So we begin by asking a series of questions to diagnose that person’s situation and then ultimately prescribe the right solution for them. And it allows us to present the offer in this case through a video sales letter, as you can see right here in a way that’s customized based on their specific situation as opposed to a one size fits all approach. Another example, this is Amy Porterfield, Amy Porterfield, if you’re not familiar, she has the number one or number two marketing podcast on Apple, iTunes and the entire Internet. And we worked together. She created a quiz on her most recent launch and the quiz was what type of course should you create for your business? She helps course graders online. And similarly, we asked a series of questions to help identify what type of course is right for you. And I believe she has five different types of courses. Based on the answers to the question, she’ll recommend one of several options, you should start a starter course or a signature course. And on the back of this quiz, she had a launch that did over $5 million.

On the back of what you see right here. And I already shared with you this quiz right here, take the funnel we did over $8.59 million in less than 55 days. Now, why quiz funnel so I just got to note that my pencil on my iPad here is less than 5%. So I’m gonna go as long as I can on the iPad, but if we lose power, then we just won’t use the iPad. That’s kind of how things would go. So the question I first like to begin by asking is why quizbowl right. So we’ve talked about what kind of opportunity. But why does a quiz funnel make sense? Well, there are three reasons why a quiz funnel makes a lot of sense. I’m going to cover them one by one. And starting with reason number one, which is incredibly cheap, leads to going to our slides here. incredibly cheap leads, I’ll show an example of what I mean by this. Here incredibly cheap leads, oftentimes, you can cut your cost per lead, and by lead, I mean acquired email address. 

So email subscribers, you’re gonna often generate leads at 1/3 to 1/10, the cough, and I’ll give you an example of this, this is a gentleman by the name of Mastin KIPP, he’s a mutual friend of Brian’s and myself were both part of a mastermind altogether. And he decided to experiment with a quiz funnel with a little bit of help from us. And that was able to cut his cost per lead online from $6, a lead to less than 76 cents per lead. And I’ll show a little bit more behind the scenes of his funnel in just a moment. Another example, this is Shawn, he’s in the marathon running space. So Shawn helps marathon runners of all obscure niches, he’s able to cut his cost per lead from $2.59 to less than 23 cents per lead by switching to his quiz. Here’s another example. This is Beryl, she has a photography business, she was able to cut her cost per lead from $1.67 to 14 cents per lead. Now, whenever I bring up this idea of cheap leads, if we go to our iPad here, one of the biggest questions people always ask me is, okay, cheap leads. That’s awesome. 

But how do the leads convert to what these people actually buy? Well, it takes us to Reason number two, and that is incredibly high conversion. And by conversion, what I mean is how the leads convert on the back end, and I’ll explain the reason why. So big reason number two, incredibly high conversion. And the reason for this for all of you copywriters out there, you should be salivating over this. By using a quiz funnel, it allows you to customize your copy and your offer on the backend of your quiz based on that person’s situation. And by doing this, you can often double to triple your sales conversion rate. On this quiz that I showed you right here, if we go to the screen, the one that I showed just a moment ago, we were actually able to increase our sales conversion rate by 3.2x. In other words, when someone comes through this quiz, versus someone who comes through another path in our business, the sales conversion rate is 3.2x times anything else that we do in our business. 

Now, the reason for this, obviously, is because you can customize what you put in front of people. The gay brought up the idea to Vernon of putting a or the idea came up and when Gabe raised the idea of having conversations with your clients, the idea came up of possibly putting a testimonial in front of someone well, by customizing by being able to customize what you put in front of someone after a quiz. You can put in front of someone a custom testimonial, a testimonial that matches their specific situation. I’ll give an example of a business that did just this, this company called snack nation. And snack nation is a company that delivers a physical box of healthy snacks to your home or to your office and reached out to us, got some help and created a quiz funnel. 

On the back of the quiz funnel, they more than tripled their business, you can see the numbers right here, they ran a head to head 5050 split test for about six months. With their old control of a landing page versus this quiz funnel, they tripled basically every number, their revenue per visit, they cut down their average sales cycle from 11 days to eight days. So not only are they getting more money, they’re getting to the money faster by putting a quiz in front of people. And you can see here they landed on the Inc 500 List making over $24 million per year on the back of the strategy. But it’s not just cheap leads and high conversion. It’s also incredibly high volume. And I’ll explain what I mean by that. See, this is not just something that can generate a few extra leads in your business. This is something that has the potential to blow up your business in a huge way. 

In fact, it can grow your business by upwards of 10 to 50x. Again, another mutual friend of Brian’s and mine, I tried to cherry pick and handpick some examples of folks that are in Brian’s world just to kind of show you what’s going on. This is the week Carlos and his wife Gabby, and they run a business in the Hispanic Hispanic market where they help parents. So they help the Spanish speaking market, you know, across Mexico and Central and South America and Spain and throughout the world. And they launched a quiz which was basically a parenting type quiz. Well, the quiz went completely viral. 

And as a result, and I’m going to share these numbers they almost seem like I’m making them up but they actually are the real numbers and have actually understated them. up by just a bit. They generated over 1,018,522 opt-ins in less than 10 days after launching their quiz. Not a misprint. That’s not hyperbole, not an exaggeration. They built an email list of over a million people. Now, you might be wondering, how much did they spend on traffic, they spent less than 26 cents per lead. And the ROI on the back of that was a 4x ROI, they made over a million dollars in less than a month on the back of this quiz traffic. And this list continues to pay dividends and continues to grow to this day. 

Now, the reason a quiz can go viral like this is because when you are producing a quiz, and this is also one of the reasons why the leads can be so incredibly cheap, is because people share that quiz with their friends and their colleagues. If you take a really great quiz and you share it with someone, let’s say you found the quiz by clicking on a Facebook ad. And then you grab the link to that quiz. And then you share it with a buddy of yours. How much is the advertiser paying for that share that you’ve shared with one of your friends? Nothing, it’s free traffic, right? So you might pay for that first quiz taker. But when it goes viral like this, the cost per lead, the cost per quiz taker gets incredibly low. So incredibly high volume. 

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