June 15, 2019

Everyone wants a quick fix…me too…especially when you are with amazing people who are doing extraordinary things.

But before the “fix” (how to do it) it’s important to know what the potential fix is—and additionally, if someone else can do it for you that has the skills to get it done better than you (if you want to do it), why not have an expert handle it?

That’s how it seems to work at the mastermind groups I am a member of (and also within my own groups):

WHAT is the new application, media, technique…and WHO is the best person for the job. 

And from there you can figure out HOW to get it done. 

In April, Titans Master Class assembled in Cleveland for three days of phenomenal speakers and I’d like to give you a glimpse of the “whats” shared by the “whos” at that event.


Jason Friedman

Jason shared with us what he called “the epidemic of the experience revolution.”

He did that through his work (for which he is in great demand)–because it has become harder to differentiate yourself by products and services alone–and his premise is that in your business, you must create an experience, not just a product or service.

Things like “planned spontaneity” (read “Christmas cards in July”), mass customization (e.g. templated body copy with specific leads to specific audiences in your sales messages), gamification, and “strategic overdelivery” are all part of differentiation and creating an experience.

In fact, Jason taught me that “overdelivery” needs checks and balances since it can work against you–and why it needs to be strategic.

I almost regret titling my book Overdeliver…but based on Jason’s guidance, I can now adjust my overdelivery so that everyone doesn’t expect too much…while still delivering a powerful and differentiated experience.


Richard Viguerie 

The pioneer of political fundraising and direct mail said something so profound in its simplicity talking about his early career:

“I got the names and addresses” 

Richard knew that this was all important…as it is today about getting email addresses.

And he shared with us “Viguerie’s 4 Horsemen of Marketing”:

  1. Position: Your hole in the marketplace
  2. Differentiate: Public activities that promote your position
  3. USP/Benefit: Your unique feature/value you provide
  4. Brand: A combination of the above three—what makes you singular and unlike anyone/anything else?

What a privilege it was to have Richard with us sharing his knowledge.


Adam Witty

Adam is an expert in what he calls “authority marketing” and he shared with us an outline which talked about the mistakes we make when we write our own biographies (among other things).

He stressed that you are responsible for creating the perception that people have of you and if you don’t do it, no one else will.

He talked about what I call “legitimate embellishment”—don’t ever say anything that isn’t true but you should get everything you can out of everything you’ve got (nod to Jay Abraham).


Dan Kennedy

As he always does when he speaks, Dan shared many marketing nuggets and rules to follow–but the one I want to share with you is a story he told about “how to show up with a unique offering…and be the only one there.”

Dan rides race horses in his spare time…and attends auctions where horses are bought and sold…and at those auctions is a “pop up jeweler” selling his wares.

If you can’t see the connection, here it is: As the men are bidding on horses to purchase (and they are almost all exclusively men), should they get lucky and buy one, what’s in it for their wives?

Maybe a tennis bracelet? Diamond stud earrings? Anything to allow the purchase of a new horse to go somewhat unnoticed?

This is a classic example of being where your competition is not–with an offering that’s relevant.

This was the tip of the iceberg of Dan’s presentation.


Jason Fladlian

The number one expert in webinars started his presentation with:

“Every company needs a webinar”

The applications within a launch or as a free standing event (and everything in-between) are astounding and Jason told us the “what” (and a little bit of the “how” too).

And he was the “who.”

One of the things he said that stuck with me—and this is true beyond webinars:

“Show what it’s like to be your customer before they become your customer.” 

Put another way: Prove that you have a superior solution so that the perception becomes reality.

In addition, Jason shared something he invented which he calls an “E-Class”–a unique way to consume a book that works like a course (without creating a course).

When I’m ready, Overdeliver will have an E-Class so stay tuned.

(And note in the P.S. that you can still getOverdeliver as an e-book until June 30th for $1.99).


Mark Timm

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who is always working on multiple projects, currently a book on preparing your company for sale and a product with Kevin Harrington (of infomercial and “Shark Tank” fame) on the work of Zig Ziglar—and he shared so much about those and many other experiences.

But he also shared some vulnerable moments and encouraged us to “lean into our failures.”

He said:

“You never know who has your back until you’re on your back.” 

And his “pro tip” when you’re reaching out for help: Pick up the phone or do it live—text or email won’t do the trick when you are looking for profound insights or help.

I say “pro-tip” because it should be obvious—but if you are one of those people who email, text or Facebook messenger with important, intimate questions, or when you need critical advice, take the pro tip…please.


James Wedmore

To me, James is the Robert Zemeckis (film director of Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) of online marketing. His imagination shows up in everything he creates.

He’s a video expert and is always innovating–but he shared something that caught my attention:

“The most important part of your videos is not the camera. It’s the script.” 

And once you have a killer script, the video is your blank canvas, ready for your creativity to take hold.

He went on to show us, in detail, his creative process which was instructive and inspiring.


Lee Richter

Lee is an expert in so many things from public relations and publicity to building huge businesses in the pet space to working with event planners–and also helping female entrepreneurs with their careers.

But Lee said something that summed up her philosophy and why she is so successful:

“I walk into a room not needing anything.” 

And frankly, she gets everything because she is about contribution first.

This is consistent with “The Power of 100-0” and Lee lives this in every part of her life.


So there you have it…some “whats” and “whos” from Titans Master Class Cleveland.

And lots of entry points for a few “hows” too.






P.S. Overdeliver is still available as an e-book for $1.99…grab one at one of the vendors below (and be sure to go to www.OverdeliverBook.com with your order number to access the fantastic bonuses).

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