June 16, 2018

So it’s another “Hallmark Holiday” in the U.S. today–this one is just to get some equal time for Dads when Mother’s Day is the one that really matters…down deep us Dads know that’s true.

But I want to celebrate (whether you are a Dad or not) and I have two free gifts for you…however I need your opinion on something in exchange. 

Of course I must be the stupidest direct marketer in the world to give you the bonuses before getting your opinion but hey…I trust you…you’re family! 

(And I think you will like these gifts more than a new dollar bill, the usual “bribe” to get you to respond to a survey). 

One of the free gifts is something Jay Abraham compiled called the “Titans Collection.” 

It’s a 130+ page PDF of previous blogs I have written which are his personal favorites. 

You can simply click on the image below to access a copy. 

Those of you who have been part of my online family for a while may have received many of the pieces in this collection previously…but I hope there are some you have not seen or read in the past…and having this PDF might also encourage you to refer back to some in the future and apply them to your business. 

Click here to get immediate access to the PDF 

When Jay put this together, it also motivated me to get off my “Butt” (or as my buddy Sean Stephenson would say, it enabled me to get off my “But” as well) to write my next book. 

Jay will be writing the foreword and it will be launched early in 2019. 

The favor I would like from you in exchange for this “ethical bribe,” is to help me pick the best title for my new book…see the P.S. for a short “survey” (i.e. picking from 3 choices). 

I define “ethical bribe” in this post I wrote not too long ago in case you never heard the term.

I’d love your vote and any ideas you have for the title. 


But wait…there’s more…I’ve got a second ethical bribe to make you feel even guiltier if you don’t vote. 

Since I can’t send you a dollar bill through the computer very easily, the “Titans Collection” plus this second freebie, “Titans and Tweets” will hopefully be enough to encourage you to vote. 

I would love your input. 

You can access this second gem by clicking on this image: 

This document…also around 130 pages…is full of quotes and lessons from the 2014 event, “Titans of Direct Response” from one of the Titans who spoke at that epic event, online marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy. 

Ken wrote “Titans and Tweets” in real time during the event and it contains highlights from all of the presenters…including Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Perry Marshall, Jay Abraham, Joe Sugarman, Greg Renker and many more. 

Some of you may have this valuable PDF already…but I would like to make sure all of you have it now. 

Click here to get immediate access to the PDF 

Let me know what you think of these two collections…and hopefully you will also have a few minutes to tell me which of the three book title ideas you like best as well (see the P.S.). 

And happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. 





P.S. I have narrowed down the choices for the title of my book to three (3)…and the subtitles on each can be mixed or matched or edited. 

Just email me simply saying you like #1, #2 or #3 best. 

And if you want to send your own variations for subtitles, feel free. 

Here are the titles to vote on: 


#1:  MENSCH MARKETING: Where revenue meets relationships (OR alternate subtitle:  Turning relationships into revenue the right way) 


#2: OVERDELIVER: Don’t just make money…deserve it…by playing the long game in high stakes direct response marketing 


#3: MEASURABLE MARKETING: Building a business for a lifetime on the fundamentals of direct response 


Vote early and often…and thank you!

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