April 10, 2015

I was recently corresponding with someone about one of my favorite topics:

The eternal truths of direct marketing

I was surprised that when we got into a conversation about swipe files of the greatest promotions of all time and presentations by direct marketing icons, the response was more about “that’s the stuff that used to work” as opposed to how much we can learn from decades of direct response success stories.

This felt like a reason for me to share with you today an interview about a “new medium” called direct mail…it’s becoming all the rage even with folks who are young enough to be my kids.

I don’t want to sound like Grandpa talking about “back in the day”…but the day is now for using all media and not just the Internet…and the interview I did a long time ago (i.e. last year) with Joe Polish called “Everyone is Going Right. Time to Go Left” is what I want to share with you today.

Warmly (although it’s still too cold for spring in New York),


P.S. I’m working on a blog for next week…inspired by some interviews I’m doing for my new high level Mastermind group…all about “Rainmakers”: Why they are critical for major growth in all companies…and the danger of having only one in your company…

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Brian Kurtz

  1. I understand how you feel! It’s heartening, though, to know there’s a new wave of direct mail proponents. Personalization goes a long way, and nothing does personalization better than direct mail.

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