September 2, 2016

You may think with a subject line like that, this post is about politics.

Let me assure you what I want to share today has nothing to do with anything political.

I’m assuming you are all getting your election news in other places…but isn’t this the most fascinating Presidential election in our lifetime?

BUT this video has everything to do with the most important piece of every marketing campaign.

And you won’t see it covered on MSNBC or Fox News!

Watch this short video today if you want to get more from your marketing efforts; and why you need to pay attention to THIS 41%.


About the author 

Brian Kurtz

  1. Hi Brian!
    The 40/40/20 now being 41/39/20 I can relate to. Especially with your background in knowing the right list for the particular project.
    Having the correct list matched to the right product or service I’m sure makes all the difference in the world.

    All things being created equal though with the list, the offer, and the creative, and yes I agree let the medium ( i.e. The right technology platform advertised on) be backed into the individual project where it’s most suitable… any thought however as to considering 34/33/33? Still giving the edge to the list yet boosting up the copy, and design to level the playing field of effectiveness.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!
    Best Always,
    Larry E

  2. Great points Brian. Do you have a preferred method or seevice you use to run your direct mail campaigns? Or do you use different services for each step i.e. Design, printing, list renting/buying & mailing etc. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Brian…

    Great info, I love marketing, in fact I started way back in late 90’s then I got discouraged and went cold for like 5 years… then comes the great internet and I thought “awesome” this is going to be easy…and I wound up spending 8 years wasting time ALL online talking to an audience that was not as serious as me about this business.

    Anyway, I love the internet and use it, but my main focus is using offline marketing principals… I just love the creative side, and I love the way the old-school marketing was done… I also think that people who use offline marketing are a lot more serious and take the information business MORE serious than online instant gratification.

    I know there are benefits to both, but, I’ve had better results using offline than online marketing for sure. Thanks for the videos… you and Joe Polish have great ideas and strategies I think.

  4. Wonderful that you share your insights, ever since I bought Titans through Ben Settles affiliate campaign in 2015, I’ve followed you, which has been awesome.

  5. Thank you for great info again. I look forward to catching your next blog. I end up with new ideas every time.

  6. Hey Brian, thanks for this post. Im currently wrapping up a 60 day program with Todd Brown and got everything lined up for a minimum viable funnel and started running ads and 0 clicks. Funny part was 60 days earlier that same ad to same audience was hitting a 35% opt in. So I was taken by surprise and have been really set back emotionally. Guess I had higher expectations I knew more. So I’ve regrouped…not taking it personally and am going back to basics to get momentum again. I will try a new audience starting today! Thanks again for the encouragement – from experience.

  7. But hey, what about this?: Poo-Poo creative (or not the “best” creative) with the right offer and list IS great marketing? Or a form thereof…
    (Not to mention tech.)
    It’s just to acknowledge that the marketers applying the right “elements” will get results, i.e., sales.
    So in the end, albeit not the best of the best, it’s something.
    Bloated egos aside.

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