July 31, 2017

Since you are living in the same dynamic marketing world I am living in, I’m sure you are regularly in conversations about “10X”–whether someone is telling you how to increase your business ten times or if you are coaching someone to grow their business ten times.

I like the concept of “10X”…but there are so many ways to interpret it.

For my money (pun intended) “10X,” is about much more than a substantial increase in revenue or profit.

Don’t get me wrong…making money is critical…but hopefully you agree that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Money buys you freedom.

And it’s freedom that buys you happiness.

That’s why “10X” is first and foremost about impact.

I admit that I spent a good part of my early career NOT believing that “if you do what you love the money will follow”…but my opinion has changed.


Because right now we live in the most exciting time in the history of the world to be a marketer–we have the lowest barrier to entry ever and the most advanced technology to supercharge all of our efforts.

Sharing our life mission with the world in the most powerful ways is easier than it has ever been.

Not simple…but easy.

My message to you today: I want all of us to 10X our impact.

That’s why I write this weekly email to you every Sunday.

But I’m also not naive.

While we all want to make a bigger impact, we also have to pay our bills.

And the truth is, making more money is the best way to keep score on how much impact we are having.

It’s just not the most important thing all the time to keep top of mind.

Going forward I want to be able to help you with both:

To 10X your impact and to also 10X your revenue and profit…using whatever metrics are important to you in how you impact the world and how you accumulate wealth.

I’d like to ask you two questions today which will help me help you the most.

My goal with these questions is to learn more about the biggest challenges in your business which will then enable me to share the most useful information and resources with you in the months and years ahead.

You can answer them here.

Spoiler alert. The first question is:

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing when it comes to marketing your product or service (i.e. the product or service you want to have the biggest impact in the world)?

The second question focuses on where you are now and where you want to be in the not-too-distant future.

Don’t worry, the second question is multiple choice.

Click here today to tell me how I can help you.

Your answers will enable me to provide the greatest value possible to you and your business.



P.S. I have a story for you next week called “The horizontal vertical”…I think it’s relevant to the “impact discussion” above and it’s a case history about a different way to think about bringing new products and services into the world.

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Brian Kurtz

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