November 6, 2016

I’ve got an interview for you today (see below) that is a “must listen”…with none other than Perry Marshall…a marketing legend and one of the smartest minds in our industry.

Here’s Perry on stage at Titans of Direct Response in 2014.

Background about today’s interview:

Hopefully you know by now that my new book profiles 6 of the most legendary advertising men of all time…all no longer with us…and all pioneers of everything we consider sacred in direct marketing today.

I guess you would define them as the real

“Mad Men” (i.e. the most prolific general advertising minds of their eras)…but they are now also MY Mad Men!

Simply put, they were all direct marketers trapped in general advertiser’s bodies.

What I have learned by diving into their work, thanks to my amazing co-author Craig Simpson, has been game changing for me and many others who have already read it.

I hope you will get it, read it and also grab all of the bonuses at

And please share that link everywhere you can.

Back to Perry:

He wrote a blurb for the book, calling it “the make sure we don’t miss anything checklist.”

That gave me an idea:

I would have Perry interview me below for his list…maybe sell a few books…but then in that interview, talk about what he is currently involved in with the incredible Richard Koch and HIS new book, Simplify.

This was inspired by the fact that I kept seeing Richard’s new book popping up on Amazon next to mine.

I told Perry that we needed to talk about how The Advertising Solution and Simplify overlapped…and the result of that was the interview he and I just recorded.

You can listen to it below

Perry is always up to something new and ground breaking…and this material is no exception. 

I am obviously a huge fan of Perry’s (who wrote the foreword to Koch’s new masterpiece), and I am also a fan and have followed the work of the brilliant Richard Koch as well.

I attended an incredible seminar he held on his “Star Principle” which is a concept I use regularly with many of my clients looking to expand in their niches.

In this interview, we get into more details about my book too…maybe this will be the “clincher” for you to buy it if you haven’t already (with all the free bonuses)…and then I turn the tables on Perry and get into the brilliance that is Richard Koch and all that he and Perry are working on together.

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P.S. And of course if you haven’t bought my book yet, please do…I know you won’t be disappointed as a loyal reader of this weekly blog.

And buy it at this site so you receive all of the priceless bonuses.

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