March 16, 2018

I’ve got a 10 minute video to share with you this week…and here’s a little background:

If you are not familiar with the TV series “Mad Men,” I definitely recommend a binge watch at some point in your future…especially the first few seasons.
The show centers around the advertising industry of the 1960’s, which was as much about male chauvinism, chain smoking and multiple martini lunches as it was about creating some memorable ads we still marvel at today.
It was a colorful time filled with legendary advertisements and advertisers…but the work was more about “image” or “general” advertising (i.e. ads geared to brand building, publicity, public relations) as opposed to what we have come to know today as measurable/direct response advertising. 
However, among the “mad men,” there were quite a few “direct marketers trapped in general advertisers bodies” during that period (and in the decades that preceded the 1960’s).
6 of them, all legends,  were profiled in my book, The Advertising Solution (written with my good friend Craig Simpson).
This 10 minute video  is a presentation I originally delivered at the “Genius Network Mastermind” and I shared one eternal truth of direct response advertising from each of the 6 legends in the book.
As you will see below, the presentation is now currently part of the “I Love Marketing” podcast hosted by two of my friends and heroes, Dean Jackson and Joe Polish.
I hope something in this talk resonates with you…and your feedback is welcome (and encouraged).
Here it is:
P.S. If for some reason you do not have a copy of The Advertising Solution, I encourage you to go to and follow the instructions for purchasing on this special site.
By doing so you will receive access to priceless swipe files (i.e. the best work from the six legends profiled in the book), videos of three of them, and even a special edition (PDF) of the classic Scientific Advertising by “legendary mad man” Claude Hopkins…all free.
I make nothing on the book…and I believe it will be the best $16 you will ever spend.
I love my mad men and I think you will too…

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Brian Kurtz

  1. Love it!

    I’m a big fan of the show mad men and most of the greats you mentioned

    I also really enjoyed reading scientific advertising.

    These greats really are timeless geniuses.

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