August 5, 2016

I’m trying something new…

While I love to write my blog every week, clearly I don’t write one every week.

But I really want to keep sharing with you as much as I can because you’ve been such an incredible audience for everything I’ve sent to you in the past.

In that spirit, it will be easier for me to communicate with you more frequently in video form in addition to the writing.

I wanted to share a concept with you today and as you’ll see this is actually better delivered in video.

If you’ve ever found yourself worrying about your competitors, you’ll get a lot from this short video.

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Brian Kurtz

  1. Hi Brian,

    Interesting post..enjoyed learning about Mariano, even though I am Not a baseball fan. You are definitely a terrific teacher to be able to hold my interest there..

    As for video as opposed to radio…yes you can do it…But a couple of improvements I can see… a) Look at Us..the viewers much more, even though you are engaging your friend at the lower portion of the screen. It felt too much as though i was listening in to somemone else’s conversation…not personal enough. Stare at us and act with your full personality in your brightest and most positive zone.. more fun to watch. You are a mensch obviously, a great humble dude, but show us the Fun..a little more dramatic. I only say this because I see you have it in a big way but are just holding back a bit out of fear perhaps…no need…you are likeable…so let it fly.
    This is one of the 2 or 3 times I have ever commented on anything on the internet…I like you…I give these comments from one yid to another and i hope you find them helpful.
    All the best always,
    Steven Sher

  2. Well done, Brian! Your voice for radio compliments your face for video, so — in the spirit of competition and the spirit of giving — keep on teaching.

  3. This was good, Brian. I prefer to read rather than watch videos. Is there is a possibility of releasing transcripts along with videos?

  4. Hi Brian,

    As a Red Sox fan, I cringed every time #42 took the hill. Usually lights out, game over. Still, gotta respect a true master at work.

    I was great to hear the backstory (no pun intended) on Mariano’s poster. It makes sense that a great “closer” would be near and dear to your heart.

    So in keeping with the baseball theme, I’d say this was a long tater!

    1. Brian,

      Great video, reality TV style. You inspire me as I am always waiting to make everything perfect when all that matters is the content you deliver. Awesome story on the Closer #42

      Don Brown

  5. Beautiful lesson, Brian, both for business and for life in general! Thank you for sharing that! Mariano is truly a magnificent human being!

  6. Brian,

    The video is a great idea. You have, since I have known you brought forth numerous stories whether on blog or when speaking that bring across your points. This is no different yet on video you can capture more of the emotion behind the story when you are using all of your senses to watch.
    Again, as pointed out, the themes that you speak to are generosity, abundance and modeling for others what you practice.
    Well done.


  7. Love this Brian. Do more videos. Lots of them!

    Thank you too for the education about Mariano and baseball in general. Great correlation to his willingness to teach his winning pitch to others as well as to the need Gary Bencivenga felt for stronger and even better players to compete against.

    Yes, when all ships rise together….

    Keep going my friend, you’re on to something here.


  8. As always… your message is both insightful and inspiring. You certainly do lift my Spirit — as well as my “copywriting game”, Brian. So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


  9. Hey Brian,

    Great lesson!

    I get asked all the time why I’m willing to teach others how to launch and grow successful online health businesses when I own one myself.

    You just crystalized what my response should be. Thank you! 🙂


  10. I really liked this video. And you looked great! Your message was very inspirational. It challenged a “scarcity” mindset that often sets in when one considers the “competition” that has evolved from being in a global marketplace.

    Instead of seeing it as competition, why not see it as “leveling up?” Mariano Rivera seemed to view it that way. Really, the lesson I continue to learn is this: becoming a champion requires sacrifice and a LOT of hard work. No matter if it’s from the mound or an office chair… dedication counts.

    You also inspired me to start making my own videos. Something I’ve been dragging my feet on for awhile but you just challenged us all by creating yours! Looking forward to seeing more, Brian.

  11. I’d say your man behind the curtain knows what he’s doing.

    Your point, your story and your heartfelt encouragement all came across to me, and foster this batter’s intent to dig it out.

    I’ll echo your message of people willing to raise the bar and remain open to competition through out my copywriting career.

  12. Brian, no worries about your video presence–that was excellent. Great voice, enthusiasm and message. Also, I disagree with the “face for radio” suggestion–your appearance is perfect.

    I am not a fan of baseball, but I am definitely a fan of champions. I was aware of #42 because of his charity. It was fun learning more about his accomplishments

    Loved the message and the presentation. I’ll keep watching if you keep presenting.

  13. My guess is that the feedback for this test will be very strong. I look forward to “seeing” you on the small screen again, soon.

  14. Hey Brian,

    I really liked this format… Encourage you to do more video blogs. Nice changeup from reading copy. Enjoying your great insights into life and business.

    Did I read somewhere that Mariano’s son was drafted by an MLB team? Think he pitched at Iona College.

  15. Brian, I’m not a baseball fan, but just hearing your enthusiasm about it makes me excited. Love the passion you have for the sport.

    I thought it was interesting when you said that competition is coexistence…

    I think it was Ben Hunt who said that if you share 10 profitable niches, those niches are “no longer profitable” because now you’ve just opened the gates to competitors!

    And then you’re over here talking about a player who went out and willingly teaches his technique for the cut fastball pitch.

    I see the argument on both sides, but I think I like your competition is coexistence idea. Who likes to be the only one who can be at the top? Might as well bring others up with you and see who can do it the best.

    Thanks for sharing! You’re great on video. Hope you’ll do more.

  16. Glad to finally see the man behind the words.

    Great story… And an even greater message.

    You actually talked about baseball in a way I understood( major achievement )

  17. Love the video format.

    I just went to my first baseball game last week (Wrigley!), so I know pretty much zip about it. But I like your enthusiasm. 🙂

  18. Interesting video– I’m wondering what your thoughts are on developing a competitive mindset in a crowded marketplace?

    I’m a classic ‘Type B’ personality, never thrived in highly competitive environments in the past… But I do have a passion for good craft that motivates me.

    I’m at a crossroads between two niches: travel and info-marketing. Former is less crowded and “safe”, latter is very crowded and almost entirely driven by “who closes best”, at least that’s what I see.

    Does a copywriter have to “dominate” a niche to do well financially– six figures and up– or does good craftsmanship and an eye on the market compensate for having less of that “killer instinct” that the more cutthroat Type As tend to have more of?

    Ps. Digging the video format, although didn’t click through on the email initially. Then the topic came to my mind and I remembered the email.

    1. Hi Tom,

      You raise an important point…way too complicated for a post like this…but my gut says you can still be super competitive in a crowded marketplace but you need to keep “niching down” while respecting your competition.

      Does that make sense?

      Not easy I agree…but doable.

  19. Thanks for the video conversation. The lesson was good. Every lesson I’ve ever learned or been taught feels like there’s something missing, whether it’s my experience or a purposefully ommited element, which leaves me suspicious of all teachers willing to teach secrets of their trade; which could help me be successful. I try to read between the lines as everyone speaks today because too many people pull the high-low, and divert the mass perception by using a straw man and literally wasting the lives of all who listen. Thanks for your talk, can’t wait for the next one!

  20. Boy if it weren’t for that new yawk accent….;)

    I like it, Brian. Keep doing these.

    You’ve had enough time on stage and in the spotlight in various ways to come across super naturally.

    Whether you talk or write, your generosity, love of fellow man, and humility shine through.


  21. Brian,

    Terrific story telling. I don’t watch a lot of baseball, but the way you tied your message to the portrait was very instructive

    Thank you Brian.

    I read your emails every Sun and look fwd to the video format.


  22. Brian, you have a nice, affable video presence. Loved the story about No. 42 on the wall behind you. Lifting all boats/competition by generously sharing how an expert does his/her job is a great life lesson. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to seeing you on your next 100 videos.

    Phil Bogan

  23. I am new to your site/online family and I loved the video as well as your posts-engaging and enlightening-I would love to see more and learn as much as I can! I just started The Brilliance Breakthrough and I totally get it-amazing and possibly the best purchase I have ever made! Keep on inspiring-Thank you Brian Kurtz

  24. Thank you Susan! You made my day.

    And you can be sure that I will continue to share as much “direct response propaganda” as I can in the decades to come!



  25. This is the first time I’ve heard you or seen you on video. I like the casual, story telling style. I also love calm, well-written, useful copy. That’s what got me here.

    Thanks for the invitation, Brian!

  26. Ditto re looking at your camera. I felt like I was a “peeping Tom” looking in on a conversation. Poor video etiquette.

    1. You can still be in Titans Master Class despite not thinking I am attractive! (Jill is a nice person.)

      I’ll do a Pulp Fiction video at some point…forgot I never did one!

      See you soon Titan!

    1. Yes…I need to do something on Pulp Fiction.

      And I need to add an “Amadeus” poster on my wall now too, Dan…did you read “Too Many Notes” this past Sunday?

      Thanks for the kind words!


  27. Hi Brian,

    I enjoyed the new video post and the story of the painting behind you. Keep doing these I think they will be great and like all new things, you will feel at home in a few weeks.


  28. Love Pulp Fiction. Want to know what there is learn on that one now. Look forward to your next vid.

  29. Bought Breakthrough Advertising a few weeks ago and I had no idea it would coming with content like this.

    Thank you for the message about how competition can be seen as way to keep us leveling up. I love that. This message came at a perfect time. Just last night, I went to sleep with competition on my mind.

    I think you look great on camera. And your personality is very charming, reminds me of Mark Ruffalo. I also very much like the New York Accent.

    I’ve seen Pulp Fiction but do not believe I’ve understood the lessons to learn from it as you have so I’d love to see that video.

    I like how every thing you talk about refers back to a mental model or some sort of life lesson that can be taken away from it. A friend of mine told me I had a knack for making everything a personal growth lesson after I changed her perspective about a song with the lyrics ‘I want you to ruin my life’.

    I believe now as I read your emails and watch your videos, I understand what she means.


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