January 15, 2014

At least I hope we are still friends…

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I wanted to send you something today that I am very proud of…it’s an interview I recently did with a great friend and world class marketer, Joe Polish.

My title for it is:

“Everyone is Going Right…Time to Go Left!”

Grab it here

And although it’s about what I sarcastically call the “new medium” of direct mail, Joe and I discuss some really important concepts around how best to treat your customers/prospects/friends/followers…and it’s not always about e-mail!

(Check out the P.P.S. below for more on that…)

Since I am delivering this to you today via e-mail, you may think me a hypocrite given the topic…but I wanted you to have it right away and yes, e-mail is faster delivery than direct mail (and I don’t yet have all of your snail mail addresses anyway!)…

So…please watch this when you can…and e-mail me with any thoughts or comments attrexcowboy1@gmail.com.

I also have an e-book coming soon…which I will send to all of you as well with my compliments…and the plan is that I will start blogging and sharing even more with you in the months and years ahead.

So please stay tuned…and stay on my list!



P.S. Once again, here’s the link to the interview with Joe.

P.P.S Here’s what Joe Polish had to say about the video…some teasers to make you watch! 

There’s untapped gold within YOUR existing database and networks…but you need to know the most effective mining methodologies.

Yet, a lot of entrepreneurs still don’t utilize Direct Mail because they either don’t know how to use it effectively or they don’t know where to start.

If you want to use one of the most profitable marketing vehicles available today, you’re going to want to watch this video I recorded with Brian Kurtz…


If you use Direct Mail in the right way, there’s A LOT of revenue available to you and your business.

In this video, Brian shares some awesome Direct Mail and Direct Marketing methodologies, strategies and techniques, including…

* The type of Direct Mail letter you can send to your prospects and customers right now to create customers for life

* A strategy where the more money you lose, the richer you could get

* The 3 most important criteria when evaluating a list

* The smartest thing you can do to double (or even triple) your revenues this year

* One of the most effective ways to sell high-priced products and services to high-ticket buyers

* The #1 way to get noticed, get attention, and get an advantage over competitors in the 21st century

* How to pre-screen lists so you can find customers who buy more from you and your business

* The simplest way to improve rapport, connection, and longevity with your customers

* The ‘O to O to O’ strategy used by smart entrepreneurs that increases your conversions and your cashflow

* If you’re a successful business owner, here’s how to add another $1M in revenue using Direct Mail and Direct Marketing…

And a lot more…

There’s so much wisdom and insight in this video that will help you and your business — you’re going to love it.

So, kick off the New Year and watch it now:


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