October 1, 2022

For next week’s post I will send a summary of the Titans Mastermind meeting just completed…and why it was the best one ever since I held the first one seven years ago.

And it was the best not because of the reasons you might think such as the caliber of the speakers and the attendees, the connections made, the powerful discussions we had…not even the food  or my dynamic hosting skills. 🙂

It was the best one for a particular reason that you would never guess…unless you were there…and I promise to share that with you next week…along with a play-by-play.

Although the food was good.

Stay tuned.

For this week’s installment of my blog, while I am playing with those wonderful Titans at my mastermind, I want to share an interview I did a couple of weeks ago with the one-and-only Robin Robins—known to many as “Big Red”—who is one of the most dynamic marketers on the planet.

Not just because of the tactics she uses…which are state-of-the-art…but because she is a “holistic marketer,” who goes a mile deep with her audience (in a niche that she basically “owns” …IT professionals) …and she uses any (and all) strategies that enable her to meet her audience where they want to be met.

She invited me on her podcast/interview series/Friday afternoon drinking club to talk about all things direct marketing…and we had a blast.

The “drinking club” comment is based on the title she has given to this podcast which is called, Great Minds Drink Alike.”

And while I am only drinking water (“Poland Spring on tap”), and Robin is drinking an Espresso Martini, I can tell you that we both kept it together for this interview throughout…despite me having a bad hair day (my haircut was scheduled for the following day—so that is the reason for the Titans hat).

At least I was in “uniform.” 🙂

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • How the best copywriters become the best by beating themselves (not physically…we don’t want our creative talent getting hurt)
  • When being a dinosaur is not an insult (I need to justify my existence)
  • The importance of specialization…in everything
  • Why “design” can never be ignored
  • Where you can find the ultimate reading list for everything in direct response marketing (online and offline), copywriting, entrepreneurship, business growth…and some appropriate woo-woo titles as well. 🙂
  • When nostalgia is more than a stroll down memory lane
  • The difference between being “The GOAT” and just an O.G…or a humble mentor
  • How to walk the walk of true partnership and create an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset
  • When the three-legged stool of direct marketing (which I talk about a lot) becomes the four-legged stool (thanks for that Robin!)
  • And much more talking than drinking

I hope you enjoy what we shared with each other…and with her rabid audience.

She is wicked smart as are those who follow her.

Just click on my “good hair day picture” below.



P.S. And don’t forget to open and read next week’s email on how to make every event in your life (yes, even beyond masterminds) “the best ever.”

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