October 8, 2022

I am coming off a high from my most recent Titans Mastermind meeting…and I can safely say that it was the best one ever…and that’s saying a lot.

I’ve been doing them for over seven years/over 20 meetings and the members and guests during that period are a who’s who of direct marketing wisdom and stardom.

And every one of those events were, at one time, the best ever too.

So why is this latest installment of Titans Mastermind the best one ever?

Because it’s the one I was most recently present at…fully present…with everyone else fully present…and all of us embracing the notion that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.

That’s why it’s called the present.

The same was true during each of the previous events.

Before you tell me I’m being too corny, hear me out.

I learned this concept of “the best _______ ever” while hosting (or co-hosting) over 150 of the famous “Boardroom Dinners” …also known by how I wrote about them in chapter 10 of my book, Overdeliverunder the heading of, “The Power of Intentional Dinners.”

These dinners were a monthly assembly of the experts we worked with at my company (Boardroom)–the best-of-the-best from the worlds of medicine, finance, taxes, law, business, accounting, marketing, self-help…authors, practitioners, professors, futurists, non-profit executives, pundits, radio and TV personalities, consumer advocates, publishers…anyone and everyone we could invite, whether they were contributors to our publications or to our business in any way, to share their genius over a carefully planned and curated dinner.

And everyone belonged, sharing their expertise…from the experts with the biggest egos and 15 page C.V. ‘s…to the dinner virgins not realizing what they had gotten themselves into.

For more on these special dinners, and how you can incorporate them into your life and career, please pick up my book (if you have one) and read pages 217-225.

If you don’t have my book, go to OverdeliverBook.com and buy it just for chapter 10…and you’ll receive a lot more fantastic bonuses for free. 🙂

When you are silly enough to title a book “Overdeliver” you better be ready to overdeliver with everything you give away with the book…or you will look even sillier.

I’ll leave it to you to decide how silly “The Overdeliver Collection” which is offered at OverdeliverBook.com.

The members of my mastermind get mini versions of an intentional dinner at every event…and that is only one of many perks for attending the best mastermind ever.

But it was the Boardroom Dinners that created the concept of “best ever.”

At the beginning of every dinner, I would announce that “this will be the best Boardroom Dinner ever” …and I knew I could deliver on that proclamation.

At the end, I would explain that this was the best dinner ever because we are living it right now…and this specific configuration of people, discussions, food, laughter, epiphanies, constructive arguments…and hope for future connection…will never be repeated again.

And that everyone should soak in the moment because everything in life, even if repeated, is also a one-off.

Also: I was sure to tell them not to get too cozy with the notion that this would be the best dinner forever…since the next one will be better. 🙂

I’ve trained my Titans Mastermind members to repeat multiple times during the meetings (without my prompting), early and often, that “this is the best Titans Mastermind ever.”

I don’t know if that’s good or bad…or if they are just humoring me…but if it helps them to stay in the moment throughout the event, my work with them is done.

By the way, this applies to family Thanksgiving dinners, one-on-one lunches or any event that may not even include food.

That’s even if two uncles get into a heated political argument during a family reunion or a cousin drags mud into your house when visiting.

“Best” can be relative (pun intended).

Years later you will probably joke about those events (and many others) which made those events the best ever…until the next one…as long as you remain in the present all the time.

Am I always in the moment at every moment in my life?


But when I begin drifting from the present thinking about the past…or daydreaming about the future…neither one of those being a bad thing…I try to also get present as quickly as I can and think about whatever I am doing right now as “the best ever” of something…which is a way to settle back into the here and now.

Maybe I am just being pollyannaish.

Or maybe I just want the meetings (and dinners) I host and attend to be more meaningful.

Or maybe I am simply trying to savor every experience (and bite) of life.



P.S. Next week I will get into the specifics of why the most recent Titans Mastermind was the best one ever with key pieces of wisdom from each of the spectacular speakers and members who presented:

  • Stu McLaren (on membership marketing from one of the top experts in this important area of marketing)
  • Eric Betuel (on copywriting and design…with top designer Rob Davis…both A-Listers)
  • Steven Pressfield (author of many fiction and nonfiction books including his masterpiece on creativity, The War of Art…on becoming a master writer in five distinct areas)
  • Chris Mason (on Breakthrough Advertising Masterymaking nostalgia useful…and some other secrets from Gene Schwartz)
  • David Deutsch (on using AI in direct response copywriting from another A-Lister)
  • Rich Schefren (sharing the best of “Steal our Winners”–his monumental program which highlights breakthroughs in marketing from all media)
  • Todd Brown (on what every successful marketer needs to know before they can really become successful from a very successful marketer and marketing coach)
  • Lee Richter (on mentoring, collaboration…and NFT’s…from an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur)
  • Kevin Rogers (on building a community from one of the top copywriting coaches in the world)

Plus, some insights from other attendees and Titans members that blew everyone’s mind.

P.P.S. Make today your best day ever.

And repeat that tomorrow…when tomorrow comes.

You get the idea. 🙂

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