November 28, 2016

Masterminding is so critical to taking your business and mission to the next level and it’s a lot easier than you think…

Last Memorial Day, I wrote to you about my experience at the Pentagon in March… details below… and for this Thanksgiving weekend/post-Veterans Day email, I wanted to send it again since many of you may have missed it or not been on my list back then.

I hope you find the concept I describe in the article Forbes did on the presentation I gave for our soldiers at that event.

Here’s the post which I call “Masterminding at the Pentagon”…or I guess it could also be titled, “Making Oprah proud” (you’ll need to read on and also read the Forbes article to understand that fully)….

Masterminding at The Pentagon

While I didn’t really get military clearance to hang out with my marketing buddies at the Pentagon, I did the next best thing.

Instead, when I had the privilege last March to speak to our troops stationed just outside The Pentagon at Fort Myer, Virginia, I took that opportunity to speak to them about Masterminding.

I also got an insiders tour of the Pentagon which was really cool. Here’s just a part of the hallway.









This event was sponsored by American Dream U, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to help our soldiers re-career out of the military as they enter civilian life.

It’s the brainchild of my good friend Phil Randazzo. More on him in a minute.

Here we are doing a “press conference” at The Pentagon:











I spoke about a lot of things at Fort Myer but the one thing that seemed to resonate the most is also the one thing that Forbes Magazine picked up on too–and I was honored that Forbes  arranged to interview me and then printed an article talking about that one thing:

An easy way for anyone to form a Mastermind group.

I believe that this idea is as useful for you as it is for the soldiers…simple yet powerful… and I would love your feedback.







Please go here to read it…it’s not very long.

And regarding American Dream U… 

Phil Randazzo just wrote a book titled Mission Next about the soldiers he has met along the way…it’s incredibly inspiring…and all proceeds of the book go to help our troops in the program.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

I get no affiliate commission nor would I want one.

I hope you will pick up a copy.




P.S. Just one more picture…so I can acknowledge all the amazing entrepreneurs I shared the stage with at Fort Myer…I’d tag them all if this was Facebook…but you’ll just have to trust me that they are all heroes.









And a huge shout out of appreciation to all who serve and sacrifice on this Thanksgiving…

Thank a soldier if you see one…or better yet, give one a hug.

P.S. I am currently in six mastermind groups and I facilitate two of my own…I guess you can call me a “mastermind junkie.”

I pay a big fee for three of them…the other three are “free” (although the folks in those groups hold me as accountable as the folks who are members in the ones I pay for).

And one of those “no fee groups” is an “Oprah-like reading group” like the one I described in the Forbes article above.

One of the two I formed this past year…Titans Master Class…is all about bringing together the next generation of superstar marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs…and the last event we held in October was truly epic.

If you want to hear more about this incredible group, send me an email with the words “Titans Master Class” in the subject line.

I will send you some additional details and see if you might be a fit…and whether an interview would make sense.

I have a few seats available for the next meeting in March in the New York City area.

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