September 27, 2016

We have it easy in the U.S.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the American dream and encouraged; and most of us realize that marketing isn’t everything…it’s the only thing.

But in most other countries around the world that is not the case.

I’ve talked in the past about my good friend Sebastien Night, “The French Marketer,” who is changing thousands of mindsets and lives in France by teaching entrepreneurship and marketing at a very high level. And I shared with you the incredible experience I had speaking for him in Paris twice.

Today I want to acknowledge another international hero, my Hungarian brother, Attila Ponger-Juhasz.

Attila is doing the same ground breaking work in his country. And I was honored that he asked me to speak to his very special group in Budapest this past week.

When I speak in places like France and Hungary about marketing it is so rewarding…the audiences are eager to learn and so appreciative.

And I am reminded how lucky we are in the U.S. to be at the forefront of marketing know-how…and how important it is for us to share it around the world.

My mentor Jay Abraham talks about it as our “obligation” to play big in this way…and I would encourage all of you to do this when you can.

Anyway, I had such an amazing experience on stage speaking to the entrepreneurs in Hungary.

My speech covered three things:

1)  Why marketing is not evil

2) The power of specialization

3) Some key building blocks of direct marketing

When I get the video of the presentation I can make it available to you–it was basic but it might ignite some ideas


Here’s me on stage with my interpreter on my left and my buddy Attila on my right:









Near the conclusion of my speech, I couldn’t help but put up on the screen the famous Picasso quote:

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like artist

And when I flashed a copy of my new book on the screen for them with the URL to pre-order (since it’s a book all about those “rules to learn and then break,”)
I forgot one small detail:

The book is NOT translated into Hungarian (yet)!

So yes…I launched my book from a stage in Budapest, Hungary to an audience who can’t even read it.


I think this “list guy” needs an education in audience segmentation!

But since they can’t read it or buy it right now, I might as well launch it to YOU…and the offer is much more than just the book itself.

Go to…follow the instructions to pre-order the book from the e-commerce site of your choice…and access some incredible free bonuses immediately.

The book will be shipping around September 28.

What you will see on that page:

Swipe files–some of the best ads ever written–by the 6 legends profiled in the book (Ogilvy, Caples, Collier, Hopkins, Halbert and Schwartz).

Videos–rare and brilliant–starring Gary Halbert, Gene Schwartz and David Ogilvy.

(There’s even one of Ogilvy on the David Letterman show!)

Manuscript–the unique illustrated and annotated edition of Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising from the great Bob Bly…a downloadable PDF of that masterpiece.

Plus there is some other excellent bonus material from the legends written by my co-author Craig Simpson that we couldn’t fit into the book.

So click here and pre-order the English language version (!)  of The Advertising Solution-.

Or… you can wait for the Hungarian version although that might not be available for quite a while…



P.S. Below is me on stage in Budapest with Attila (on the right) and Andrew McCall (in the middle)…Andrew spent almost 10 years working for $2 an hour as a laborer in Hungary and came over for this event (from New Jersey!) to inspire the crowd…he’s now a rising entrepreneurial star in the states and a member of my Titans Master Class Mastermind.

Sharing ourselves and our knowledge around the world indeed…



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