October 15, 2022

If there was one overriding theme of the most recent Titans Mastermind meeting last month (i.e., “the best one ever”), it was that “nice to have information” (or services) are just that—nice to have—and creating “need to have information” (or services) is the key to all marketing.

And it doesn’t happen my edict…you need to transform your nice to have into need to have by creating (building) the perfect audience, a killer offer or immersive copy.

An infinitely better approach: Put all three of these items in play at the same time…and on steroids…for maximum impact.

I know this isn’t a new concept for any of you, my sophisticated and very wise online family, especially if you are a regular reader of this blog…or if you read about the 41/39/20 rule in Overdeliver…but it was front and center at every moment of this event.

The three-legged stool of direct response marketing was on full display…list/offer/creative…with a fourth (courtesy of Robin Robins from my interview with her) …math.

And how all four relate to being 100% relevant…and needed…by any group you target.

Side note: When I say “math,” I am not talking about calculus.

I’m talking about “marketing math” …the truths (e.g., the importance of statistical significance)…and the myths (e.g., disguising revenue for profit.

Below are some examples of how this played out during the event in a variety of ways…this is only a sampling…and if you would like to read more from what the amazing speakers and members shared–all of them Titans–check out the P.S.

From Stu McLaren, membership expert and philanthropist:

While launch numbers (i.e., dollars in the door) are about marketing math—and may have little to do with profit—for Stu it’s all about impact.

Impact for his community, his staff, his family…and families around the world.

Stu’s mission is helping entrepreneurs get rich inside their niche/genius zone by creating memberships with staying power, by giving them a success path and meeting each one where they need to be met, which lifts everyone.

And when they get rich, the folks in his community make the world richer by following his lead and by what they give back.

Dan Sullivan, the top coach for entrepreneurs in the world, says entrepreneurs don’t have to give back since they never took anything. They just give.

I stand corrected…Stu leads by example by giving generously…and teaching his community (by showing and not just telling) how they can incorporate giving into their businesses and lives.

Stu wants to be a billionaire…he’s not there yet…but when he becomes one, he wants to live on what he needs and give away the rest to those who deserve the most help.

He’s not the first to embrace this philosophy (see Gates, Buffett et. al.) …and if he has his way, he will get there…and he won’t be the last.

I recently spoke about Stu in my post, “The Titans of Kenya” … why he builds schools in Africa…and why it is a global endeavor.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do…to learn more about this incredible entrepreneur.

Simply put, Stu is “need to have.”

From Eric Betuel, A-List copywriter, who churns out successful control packages on a regular basis, without any publicity, fanfare, or a whiz bang course…and goes fishing and spends time with his family in between projects:

Eric believes that no one really wants what he’s writing about–it’s nice to have until he makes the case that they can’t live without it–through demonstration, high integrity copy and an offer they can’t refuse.

It’s not as easy as it sounds…but Eric is one of those magicians who I have written about before who makes it look easy.

Once, when I shared a case history of how he used ethical bribes to create a blockbuster of a promotion using strategy, tact and simplicity (and a healthy dose of common sense).

And another where I wrote about his “Twelve Smiling Swindlers” (who are not your everyday swindlers) …creating a compelling narrative that you wouldn’t expect.

Click on one or both of those links above and see how Eric creates his magic.

We also spent some time talking about the importance of design in making promotions and sales letters more appealing…with world class designer Rob Davis, a partner of Eric’s on his most successful projects…in order to create a mood and a vibe, consistent with the words, to invite the reader into a world of “need to have.”

They made a compelling case to never leave design out of the conversation…or leave it to an amateur.

And they may have added a fifth leg on the stool of successful direct response campaigns.

From Steven Pressfield, world renowned author of many fiction and non-fiction books, including his masterpiece on creativity, The War of Art:

Steven is uniquely qualified to address the nice to have/need to have dilemma for writers…and he even wrote a book with the title, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t.

I bought copies for all the attendees to emphasize the dilemma.

And if you think he’s a mean guy for titling a book as an admonishment, you’d be wrong.

He is humble, caring and always searching for the truth…maybe with some tough love built in as a teacher and mentor…and it was one of the highlights of my career to be able to interview him.

I must admit that I was a bit intimidated…but he made me feel comfortable…and the Titans in the room (some of them superfans) helped move the room forward in a variety of ways.

He includes himself in the same category of all writers who do not need to be read…but he makes it his business to make his writing must reading by how he researches and writes every word, paragraph, chapter, blog, and book with the utmost meticulousness…by being able to “Put His Ass Where His Heart Wants to Be.”

Substitute “His” for “Your” above and you’ve got another commandment from Steven Pressfield…and the title of his latest book.

The thesis, which is a another take on what he wrote about in The War of Art, is that nothing replaces “doing the work” (not surprising he has another book titled Do the Work) …putting your body/person/ass in front of a keyboard…and recognize the enemy (resistance)…and attack it head on.

How a writer…or anyone…deals with resistance comes down to when the pain of not getting it done exceeds the pain of resisting doing it.

But you always need to be aware of the clear and present danger of resistance.

And when you are writing from your heart, resistance is a lot easier to deal with.

We talked about many other things…the changes in book publishing, blogging, villains, ethics…it was a smorgasbord of literary intelligence and wisdom.

I wholeheartedly believe that nobody wants to read my sh*t, buy my books, join my masterminds or anything else I might offer…unless I speak to them where they are in their lives.

From what I wrote today, I realize more than ever that I need to:

  • Create a success path that works for you (thanks Stu)
  • Write using stories that surprise and delight…and create irresistible offers if I want to sell you anything while I am surprising and delighting (thanks Eric)
  • Always put my ass where my heart wants to be…which is what I am doing right now (thanks Steven).

But of course, you knew all this already…I am still learning. 🙂



P.S. I have a lot more to share from the September Titans Mastermind including:

  • How an A List copywriter uses artificial intelligence to become even more desirable to his audience…and not just on eharmony 
  • How Gene Schwartz would use ads from the 1950’s and 1960’s to teach marketers today about the stages of awareness and levels of sophistication …as need to study…and own
  • How an offline and online marketing veteran stays current with everything available in marketing today that is a “winner” …and by winner, I mean only stuff that is working…and by working, I mean working now…so you can have first mover advantage in your niche
  • How a student of the fundamentals of direct response, and a marketing savant, attacks online marketing with an eye on the past…and the future…with his own spin on everything he teaches
  • How an extraordinary entrepreneur teaches you to be unforgettable

However, I will only share these additional items if I get at least 50 of you to send me an email with “yes” in the subject line.

It’s a way to choose your own adventure with my weekly propaganda…or not.

I am being flexible where I put my ass since my heart wants to be (almost) everywhere. 🙂

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