September 20, 2019

I am in planning (and hosting) mode for my Titans Mastermind meeting this week and next…and in thinking about the meeting and how lucky I am to still be here to host it, an interview I did recently with Anna David (who has a podcast called “Light Hustle: Grit Out of the Dark”) just  came out…and it’s timely.

Anna put out a call for interviews for people who have “struggled to success”…and while I dismissed the request initially (my story is so boring—no bankruptcies, divorces, jail time, addictions or anything else that seems like a hero’s journey, coming out of wreckage to success), I asked Anna if almost dying counted.

In addition, the fact that my book Overdeliver came out on April 9th (with lots of launch activity around it) and I had my stroke on April 10th, how did that fit in as well under the heading of “a struggle?”

It seemed pretty vanilla to me since I survived…and the book launch seemed trivial compared to still being above ground…and if I had died, we wouldn’t be having a conversation anyway so who cares?

That is, I really didn’t know if it was a struggle because I didn’t die. And I am still living my life the same way.

I knew I dodged a bullet and I am up for a lot more mischief in the marketing world now…and more importantly, I still have what is most important to me (my family and friends).

Simply put, having a stroke wasn’t a “come to Jesus moment”…just something I know I had to get past to continue my journey.

Anna had other ideas.

She heard my story, formulated a series of questions I wasn’t even thinking about—and she was quick to say “let’s do it.”

The interview is here…it’s around 45 minutes long.

During the podcast I found myself recognizing some struggles which I wasn’t aware of before–she caught me–and I thought one or more might be helpful to you in some way as you examine your life and career.

(In the interview I also came up with a word that Anna never heard of–it gets spellchecked when I type it in Word so I can excuse her for not knowing it. But at least caught her on something) 🙂

And if you listen to it, share with me an ultimate struggle you overcame in your life–and where you ended up because of it (or in spite of it).

I may accumulate some of those stories (with your permission and with no names attached) because there could be some great lessons for all of us in a future post.

Once again, the podcast is titled (and when you click on my picture below, it’s the fourth interview listed):

I guess I did do that. 



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